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Oh, go on, then.


Hahahaaaa! Bravo, Monsieur X! An excellent piece, we're sorry we never got to print it at Nowhere.

If anyone would like to print their own copies of No News 2012, here are links for you to download and read at your leisure:

and because there was a glitch in uploading, here's the 4th July (front & back):

and then here's the 8th (front):

and 8th (back):


p.s: AfrikaBurn? AfrikaBurn >>>
Texans could use som ...
Hey Pharoah -

This is a howdy to yourself, Puppy, Candyman and Ellen & Joe - just wanted to say it was a pleasure meeting you all and hanging out. Oh - and thanks for the excellent paper delivery!

If you're ever headed down AfrikaBurn way, give us a holler:

Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist gegen Spambots geschützt! Du musst JavaScript aktivieren, damit Du sie sehen kannst.


Travis & Abi
Damn Fuckin South Africans / No News / AfrikaBurn
Texans could use som ...
Hello Nobodies!

The filthy rag you might have read at Nowhere - No News - is now available to download online:

All 5 days are there, front and back - enjoy!

Thanks again to all who contributed and distributed!

Travis & Abi
Hey Caspar -

I'm also a first-timer at Nowhere, coming from South Africa - like the sound of #4 on your list, definitely attend that.

Looking forward to next week!
Hello everyone and n ...
The Wife & I are off to BBK Live in Bilbao after Nowhere (Radiohead, The Cure, Bloc Party, Four Tet & more playing) - if anyone's interested and has transport we'd be very keen to hitch a lift, absolutely prepared to share fuel costs etc.
after nowhere! festi ...
Hello Nobodies! It's the 30th of May, and here is the news.

The gossip, the rumour, the scandalous hearsay - it's all true!

Freshly addled from their recent desert rapture, the diehards who publish The No Spectator (AfrikaBurn's newspaper) will be at Nowhere this year and will be publishing a newspaper each day.

Bring us your scandal, your gossip and your libellous hearsay! We want your photos, your rants, your news, view and spews! There's nothing we won't print, or indeed no bribe that will go unconsidered. In the interests of veracity none shall be left unmolested on the page!

Yes? Yes! Send them to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist gegen Spambots geschützt! Du musst JavaScript aktivieren, damit Du sie sehen kannst. or see us on site at Nowhere.

Until then, remember: if it's labelled a lie it must be true!

p.s: stories or images accompanied by liquid bribes are considered in a favourable light...
Hot of the press - N ...
Damn fine, will do.

Great, I'll create another thread and ask the question - thanks for the quick reply!

And as for the WWW, I'd be happy to help with that too.


Hi LadyBelle -

Participation for me means...getting stuck in, really. Offering skills where they're useful and needed, and finding a way to make the most of what you have to offer.

A question: I believe there's a newspaper at Nowhere, the Nowhere Tribune?

I'm the editor of The No Spectator, the AfrikaBurn community newspaper (which you can check out or download, and as I'll be at Nowhere this year, was wondering if the Nowhere Tribune was going to be produced, and if so, whether they'd need any volunteers?

Let me know, I'd love to get stuck in.


Hello to you all and thanks for the warm welcome.

Adriaan (who attended Nowhere in 2010) came by ours on Friday and showed us his great photos from that year, and it looks safe to say you Nobodies look like a well-adjusted bunch!

Really looking forward to this - and meeting the Nobodies who're attending AfrikaBurn.

Hello Nowhere, from ...
Damn fine! Papa and Mama Deadly from AfrikaBurn - and possibly Adriaan who attended in 2010 - will be there. Can't wait - by the sounds of it, Ubertown rocks!
Well hello, Lady Belle, I look forward to meeting you too!
Hello Nowhere, from ...

Hello, howzit and hi.

We’re a married couple, Travis and Abi, who’ll be participating in Nowhere 2012. We’re not sure yet how – we’re looking at volunteer positions – but rest assured it’ll be memorable.

I am: a writer and standalone whisky filter. Presently a volunteer on the AfrikaBurn Comms team. Natural habitat - tidal zone. Lubricate regularly with scotch for best results. Good with red meat, poultry, electronica and Radiohead.

She is: a statuesque tattooed goddess who is also an astonishing human abacus, which is why she’s AfrikaBurn’s volunteer bookkeeper on the Finance Committee. Prone to explosions of colour and stripes. Goes very well with red wine and vintage rock ‘n soul music.

We’re also DJ’s. And we’re damned good value, a good laugh and prone to breaking out into song, among other talents. Fancy dress comes standard, as is our custom.

Apparently there’s a campful of Nobodies coming to AfrikaBurn 2012? Fantastic! We’ll gently interrogate these ambassadors when we stumble across them.

Looking forward to being Nowhere at last!

Travis (aka Hedmekanik)
Hello Nowhere, from ...
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