Role to be filled
Bus Lead - Email Hero

Answer all the queries on the email address.

You are:
  • Able to understand and answer emails in English
  • Having a internet connexion
  • Be available during the year and especially the the two weeks before Nowhere to answer emails (access to a computer but can also do it on a good smart phone)
You will:
  •  Answer the different questions (where do I take the bus?, can I bring a bike?, etc.)
  • Handle people that want to change the name on the ticket or the time of their bus (it should be done automatically in 2022, Geeks are creating a better system)
  • Close the ticket system (or ask geeks to do it) just after the departure of the last bus to nowhere (Tuesday 5pm)
What Nice Skills You Could Learn/ Extra Benefits:
  • Good first lead role for Nowhere
  • Working in a team of lead around the buses
  • Have your own personal email address

Which department does this role belong to:


What kind of job it is:

Co-lead (share the work with an other lead)

TIME Commitment:

Year round role (Off site)