Attendance to Nowhere has inherent risks in any year. This year is different; one risk is large in the minds of planners, volunteers, contracted services and most attendees of the event. 

Nowhere Organization (NORG) is required to follow all requirements listed in the permit and all laws. Currently, the law requires us to ask you for proof of having received the complete COVID-19 vaccination regime, and at least 14 days have passed since the last dose thereof, or have a negative diagnostic test of active infection performed by health professionals in authorised centers within the last 72 (PCR) or 48 hours (Lateral Flow/Antigen). This might change in the future. If that’s the case, we will announce it in the newsletter and via Facebook and Telegram.

In addition to these legal requirements, NORG will also follow guidance from the Red Cross as they both understand our culture and are medical professionals. These inputs are clearly part of the baseline of rules for Nowhere. Our volunteers have researched as many similar events as possible and carefully reviewed their rules. This has provided the basis of what we consider to be fair, reasonable, balanced and safe measures to be implemented.

This project was managed by a working group of approximately 20 people who worked diligently to create a policy. The policy states our current baseline action plan for the event. This policy will be updated as the laws and requirements change, so the action plan should be reviewed frequently prior to the event.

When NORG has choices, NORG will aim to use the most minimal approach that still takes reasonable precautions to protect all people (volunteers, participants, staff, contracted service workers, etc).

This is so Nowhere remains a safe, open and supportive community for the participants and the volunteers who create and manage the event. 

Regardless of current event entry laws, NORG will test all people entering the event. As this event will run for about a week it has been determined to be a reasonable precaution to exclude people who test positive on an Antigen/Lateral Flow test.

We will be reviewing and updating our Covid action plan as the situation changes and as we receive further guidance from additional agencies.


As of now, here are differences to expect:

There are no buses this year. More info on

Testing will be provided on arrival (e.g. prior to entry) and will be performed by approved medical staff. If your test result is positive you will be allowed to return with a PCR negative test.

If you arrive at the gate and you test positive you will be denied entry. You will not be allowed to enter and your ticket will not be refunded. We want to encourage people to test themselves before arrival in order to avoid being refused entry.

NORG will attempt to assist in such a case but takes no responsibility for your return to a major city. Part of the 10 principles is radical self reliance and this should be part of your planning on how you can attend and, if necessary, safely return.

We intend to make Nowhere as safe as possible for everyone and will provide Antigen/Lateral Flow tests during the event for participants and volunteers to make use of.

Masks must be worn inside of any designated area.  We will adjust where these areas are based on local laws (e.g. currently Cabins are ‘indoors’ and require masks), where the people working inside require it be so (e.g. a barrio dome where they may be close contact) or where people known to be positive are (e.g. inside of the isolation zone).

These guidelines are still being researched and answers determined. Here is what we currently know about the legal requirements… These may change.

Law requirement: Positive cases have to follow medical authorities’ advice to isolate. In case they decide not to they’ll be invited to leave the event under their own legal responsibility, as specified in the Terms & Conditions.

Here is what NORG is currently considering.

As it stands, NORG, in line with current guidance, may be required to establish an Isolation Zone that will allow you to still be at Nowhere and have a burn. Everyone easily acknowledges that this will be a different burn to the one you thought you were going to attend, but that is not bad – just different.  If you test positive, if you do not already have one (radical self reliance), you will be given a high quality mask. You will be asked to move your tent into the Isolation Zone where you will be near the Red Cross. When you move to the Isolation Zone, we ask that you ensure that you have food and water for a number of days (TBC). If you are part of a Barrio, we ask that you arrange your meals to be delivered from them.

You will be allowed to leave the event if you choose to. NORG does not have any legal authority to ‘force quarantine’ you or deprive you of your freedom.  If you decide to leave the event, NORG (the gate) will inform you of the current Spanish law and the further steps it recommends taking. 

If you are known to have tested positive, or are showing symptoms and do not test, and you knowingly do not follow the guidance / requirements, you are putting both the people of Nowhere and the event of Nowhere at risk. As such, Malfare (Immediate) and the Consent Committee (post event) will follow up with the person who does/did not follow the rules. The resulting actions could be up to and including removal from the event and a ban from attending Nowhere in the future.