Role to be filled
Event-time Power Lead

Manage the team of Power Rangers that maintains Nowhere’s power grid and keeps electricity flowing throughout the event.

Once the event starts, someone needs to take over making sure the power grid is supervised. The build and planning crews will be around to help but also need a well-deserved break.

The role is a mixture of being a team lead for the Power Rangers and making sure that there is someone on-call for escalation of power related issues that the Power Rangers want help with. You’ll work closely with the Site Lead(s) as one of the event-critical functions that they oversee.

You are :
  • Knowledge of electrical power
  • Wanting to learn more about running event or off-grid power
  • Happy to manage a team of volunteers
  • A problem solver who fixes things when plans fail
You will :
  • Manage the on-site Power volunteers
  • Support any set-up tasks which ‘overflow’ from pre-event
  • Set up training for Power Rangers and on-call Power Leads
  • Work with the Site Leads to prepare for events such as extreme weather
Skills/Resources Required:
  • Knowledge of electricity
  • Confidence working with a team of volunteers
  • Ability to deal with pressure
  • Some confidence speaking English
What Nice Skills You Could Learn:
  • How event (off-grid) power works
  • Volunteer team leadership and delegation (translates to regular teams in the default world)
  • Time/energy management, e.g. switching between and making time for both work and play
  • General event work skills and experience
Extra Benefit:
  • You get to be a vital part of keeping Nowhere running
  • You work on people skills that are useful all the time

Which department this role belongs to:

Site Infrastructure (Power project)

What kind of job it is:

On-site shift supervision/escalation

TIME Commitment:

Onsite/ Event-time only: Your job is to make sure someone is on call so you don’t have to be.