Getting There

You need to get yourself to and from Nowhere!

Where is it?

Nowhere is in northern Spain, between Zaragoza and Lleida. The nearest villages are Castejón de Monegros (12km) and Sariñena (19km), and from both directions the last 10km is on gravel roads.

GPS: 41°40’45.4″ North 0°09’04.3″ West (or 41.679270, -0.151182 if you prefer)

Address: Polígono 20 Parcela 169 M.U.P. H0331, JUBIERRE. CA 

Directions are included in the Survival Guide.

How to get there

The closest airports are:

  • Zaragoza
  • Barcelona
  • Reus

It can also be useful to check out flights to:

  • Girona
  • Bilbao
  • Madrid
  • Valencia

So you made it to Spain, congrats! If you don’t have a car, or don’t plan to rent one (only to leave it parked at Nowhere for a week), then by far the best and most fun option is the Nowhere Bus.

Our amazing bus crew is organising a few bus ‘shuttles’ from Barcelona and Zaragoza to the the event. Please follow our Facebook page or subscribe to receive our newsletter to get updates on Nowhere Bus tickets.

Spain has a very good bus network. You can find up-to-date bus schedules here.

The new Zaragoza bus station is on the ground floor at Zaragoza’s train station Delicias. The bus company is ‘Autocares Therpasa’ (tel.: +34 976225723). The cost is about €6 each way, and the journey is about an hour and a quarter each way.

TOP TIP: Check out the and websites for good bus deals.

Distances from the closest cities with airports:

  • Reus is a 2:30 drive from Sariñena (Reus airport has many flights from the UK, Germany and the Netherlands).
  • Barcelona is a 3:30 drive from Sariñena (with flights from most international airports).
  • Pamplona is a 3:30 drive from Sariñena (with flights from many Spanish airports).
  • Madrid is a 4:30 drive from Sariñena.
  • Bilbao is a 4:30 drive from Sariñena.

Driving at Nowhere

Nowhere is a pedestrian environment; only registered Art cars, bicycles, emergency and administrative vehicles are allowed to cruise around.

To ensure everyone’s safety, we ask that motorized vehicles follow these rules when driving at Nowhere:

  • Only drive on site from sunrise (7:00) to sunset (20:00)
  • Drive on perimeter roads (not through the center)
  • Have a ground escort (someone to walk in front of the car and look for potential hazards)
  • Drive very slowly! The speed limit is 10km/hour

Parking options

  1. In your barrio or designated vehicle freecamp areas. If you park your vehicle in one of these areas, the vehicle cannot be moved again until the event is over. That means you can’t leave to go on grocery runs, to pick up a friend, or go to the river for a swim. Please respect the rules above when driving to and from the vehicle’s home during the event.
  2. In the Parking Area near the Gate. If you plan to drive the vehicle off site during the event (such as driving to town for grocery shopping), then you will need to park in the Parking Area. You can leave the site and return whenever you please.

If you have any questions about vehicle permits at Nowhere and driving on site, contact

Why not club together for a car? Seven-day car rental from is only €150.

There are a wide range of trains, from the super fast AVE to much slower regional trains. Fares range from 25 to 65 euros, depending on which train you take. You can find up-to-date train schedules at

Please note that train schedules change on Sundays, so double check you have the correct time for the day you want to travel.

If you are travelling Barcelona-Sariñena, you need to go via Lleida, so first search for train times for BCN-Lleida and then Lleida-Sariñena. There is no public transport to Castejón de Monegros. Also note that the Sariñena train station is over 1km from the centre of the town.

TOP TIP: If you get the train from Barcelona to Zaragoza, you can get the Nowhere bus from there. Our bus picks up from outside the front of Zaragoza train station.

Once you arrive in Sariñena or Zaragoza, you can take a taxi to the site. 

Taxis are 4 and 8 spaces. Flat rate; €45 from Sariñena train station, €40 from Sariñena town.

Yoli Sales: +34 615 974 052
Amadeo Sales: +34 619 726 466, +34 974 570 138, +34 615 323632