Role to be filled

The LNT Meta lead need to both focus on the Long term objectives of Nowhere and on the immediate objectives and plans for the next Nowhere regarding LNT questions.

You are :
  • Able to commit to a year round role
  • Committed to LNT both at Nowhere and to the planet as a whole – There is no Planet B!!
  • Flexible and adaptable to change
  • Problem solver
  • Proactive
  • Willingness to help out wherever you can
You will :
  • Manage the LNT team leads*
  • Monitor/oversee preparation pre-event, setup, event-time and strike
  • Participate in Metaleads Committee meetings and communicating any relevant information or issues to leads in your department.
  • Provide monthly status quo reports to Metaleads Committee
  • Recruit and manage leads and co-leads for your sub-departments
  • Chair regular meetings for your department and escalate issues to Metaleads Committee or Project Manager when necessary
  • Provide support to teams in your department (including covering vacancies as needed)
  • Carry out any site management shift as agreed
  • Create project plan for following Nowhere
Skills Required/Desired:
  • Strong organisation and easy use of basic admin formats
  • Very good communication skills
  • IT skills including using Google Drive, Skype, Slack, and Excel
  • Fluent in English (and preferably Spanish)
  • At least two years experience in a lead role at Nowhere (or proven experience of similar role in other event and at least one year in a Lead position at Nowhere)
  • Experience of managing a team of volunteers
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Equilibrate attitude and resilience to stress
  • (desired) Experience of recruiting volunteers
  • (desired) Experience of working collaboratively
Extra Benefit:
  • You will help a lot making nowhere follow its own Leave No Trace principle

Which department this role belong to:

Leave No Trace

What kind of job it is:

MetaLead : run a Norg’s Department

TIME Commitment:

YearRound: A few hours a week at the start of the year, increasing to 15 or so hours a week as Nowhere approaches

On site: Every day with exception of agreed days off. Any site management shift per agreed rota. Every day for strike with exception of agreed days off.