Role to be filled

Focus on the work that goes into organising MoN

Your job is to consolidate the disparate volunteer efforts which go into making MoN happen: structure, lighting, sound, decor, workshops coordination, and anything else which might arise. Working with other teams and with independent volunteers to bring everything together. ​

You are:
  • Caring about the Middle of Nowhere and it’s function at the event.
  • Responsible and responsive!
  • A problem solver and a great communicator.
You will:
  • Communicate with the relevant Norg leads and volunteers to form the new MoN-team within the Creativity department.
  • Be the Creativity ML’s point-of-contact for anything related to MoN.
  • Calculate and provide the MoN budget requirement and thereafter conform to it.
  • Have an impact on making MoN more meaningful to the event.
Skills Required/Desired:
  • Knowledge of what Middle of Nowhere has been so far.
  • Time available in the months before Nowhere.
  • Comfort with spreadsheets, emails and group calls.
  • The things from the ‘You are’ list.
What Nice Skills You Could Learn:
  • How the efforts of many, when correctly coordinated, create wonderful results.
  • Knowledge of how various pieces of Nowhere fit together.
  • Project management

Which department does this role belong to:


What kind of job it is:

Pre-event lead + On-site lead

TIME Commitment:

Pre-event: From January, a few hours per week, increasing over the months until the event.
During-event: Address or delegate to the proper team(s) any MoN-related concerns which arise and need to be addressed.