Roles to be filled

Site and Logistics Coordinator

Year round And On Site

Do you have experience with event production, leading and managing teams, making and keeping schedules, treating people with respect in 35º heat?

Do you like missions in challenging environments? Doing things with friends? Do you love it when a plan comes together?

Can you think on different timelines simultaneously, organise, prioritise, and communicate effectively under pressure? Can you do it in English AND Spanish? Great, when can you start?

About us

Norg, the group of humans collaborating in organising Nowhere, is recruiting for a Production Manager in the lead up to Nowhere 2023 – this is a paid position on a full-time(-ish) relationship.


As an SLC, you will be responsible for the site logistics, ensuring that all goods and services essential to the production of the event are ordered, delivered and removed from site as necessary.

The SLC interacts and researches providers, requests and negotiates quotes, places and tracks orders, helps draft delivery plans, ensures materials are received and services delivered as agreed and in particular as per the permits requirements. You will keep the whole process documented as per instructions and are empowered to make decisions within agreed limits set by the Directors.

You will work alongside talented, unique humans, and form special bonds with those around you. It will be very tough and a lot of fun: you will learn new skills and push your limits. And yes, you will get paid for it.

You will receive training in First Aid and get certified to operate a forklift. 

This job description and person will be reviewed after 3 months, and in December to refine the role. Continuation in the role is dependent on satisfactory performance at minimum.


Pre Event (from January to build time):

  • Support the Finance and Legal Coordinator  with the purchasing lists from all Leads/Metaleads.
  • Request payments from the FineAnts department once purchases are agreed. 
  • Request quotes from different providers for all permit-critical or otherwise essential services, in order to identify the most competitive options.
  • Re-evaluate providers yearly in case new competition has entered the market or prices have changed.
  • Prepare delivery, tracking and collection plans, or supply plans, as necessary. Handle shipping issues as necessary.
  • Document the process as necessary, keeping independent and master timeline documents up to date.
  • Work with  relevant departments (ie CIty Planning, Build, Gate, etc) to prepare a detailed map of container and cabin locations
  • Arrange the necessary logistics needs are met, including road and site works, toilets, containers, cabins, generators, maps, and any other rental or purchases required. 
  • Ensure the site is ready for starting the construction of the event prior to the first teams reaching the site.
  • Ensure First Aid cover for build and strike crews is available on site. 
  • Recruit Volunteers to support the SLC and make sure they have the tools and training pertinent to their role.
  • Provide weekly and monthly status updates. 
  • Attend Director meetings via Zoom once a month, relevant working group meetings with project Leads via Zoom, and in person when geographically possible.
  • Manage the production team and other relevant teams in liaising with local authorities. Specifically attend any of the meetings with authorities including on-site visits, update the checklist as a result if necessary.
  • Support the production and Fineants departments and teams to ensure they have the required resources and Volunteers to deliver their part of Nowhere

On-site (generally most of June and July)

  • Keep track of all shipments according to an event timeline and consult with providers in case of delays, mistakes or damage.
  • Receive providers and dispatch to the SWAG lead.
  • Ensure the containers are safely and timely delivered, tagged, inventoried and documented. 
  • After the event, ensure all rented goods are collected from site as soon as they are not needed, to reduce rental fees whenever possible.
  • Coordinate with the build, volunteer coordinator and barrios team to ensure that the permit requirements are met, as per the permit checklist, and that the site is ready for permit inspection.
  • Participate in any on-site meetings relevant to your role.

Post Event (From August to January)

  • Help with the documentation of the event, including chasing paperwork as necessary, including: 
    • Reconcile budgets with actual expenditure. 
    • Evaluate which providers have performed as expected and which ones should be scheduled for replacement in the following year
    • Update the container inventory and if possible record their location within the storage yard to facilitate the organisation of the following year’s delivery plan.
    • Ensure that the inventory and overall documentation is gathered, correct and available
    • Provide feedback and highlight any areas that may need review or improvement
  • Create SLC project plan for following Nowhere
  • Participate in any debriefing as required
  • Responsible for managing, logistics and production of the Annual Leads Meeting (ALM)


This is a year round role, with levels of involvement depending on the season. It peaks in summer with required presence on site for six weeks and has less activity during winter. After the first year, a collaborative review will be undertaken to assess the time commitment needed.

Year 1 – Days per MonthYear 2 – Days per Month

Please apply by sending motivation letter and CV to by the 15th of March 2023

Which department does this role belong to

Coordination team




Leads, MetaLeads, Directors, Coordinator

Required Skills

  • Fluent in Spanish (preferably native) and English.
  • In possession of a driving licence that is valid in Spain.
  • Resident in Spain and able to to work legally in Spain.
  • Stable internet connection.
  • Good communication/negotiation skills. 
  • Experience in liaising with providers in Spain
  • Two years experience in a similar role in the events industry and/or burn community.
  • Strong organisation and project management skills
  • IT skills including using Google Drive, Skype, Slack, and Excel
  • Meticulous with record keeping and well organised
  • Flexible and adaptable to change
  • Problem solver

Bonus skills

  • Strong organisation and project management skills
  • Willingness to help wherever you can
  • Experience of recruiting and managing volunteers
  • Experience of working collaboratively
  • Ability to de-escalate conflict
  • Ability to focus amid pandemonium