Role to be filled

Walk around the site at night with cool night vision and heat vision technology

You will recruit, organise and manage the Perimeter team. You will be responsible for coordinating Night’s Watch during the event. You will help Gate crew with organising car parking and assist in keeping perimeter road clear of obstructions.

You are:
  • familiar with Nowhere and its principles
  • a native or fluent speaker of English
  • physically able to trek, some areas of Nowhere perimeter are hard to access
    (e.g. steep hilltops)
  • not afraid to work nights
Skills Required/Desired:
  • Experience of volunteering at Nowhere or a similar event
  • Calm in stressful situations
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to work in a hectic environment
  • Ability to multi-task
  • (Desired) Previous leadership experience
  • (Desired) Spanish speaking
  • (Desired) Knowledge of handheld radio operations
What Nice Skills You Could Learn:
  • Leadership / managing humans
  • Handheld radio operations
  • Reacting to unexpected event
Extra Benefit:
  • Use the super awesome night & heat vision goggles, and help keep Nowhere safe and secure.
  • Lead the most secretive team at Nowhere
  • Have a chance volunteer in a multicultural group of people

Which department this role belong to:

Gate, Greeter & Perimeter

What kind of job it is:

Co-lead : the role in shared with an other human.

TIME Commitment:

Year round: pre-event and post-event : a few hours

Onsite/ event only