Role to be filled

Focus on the year-round work that goes into organising the Nowhere power grid

Your job is to come up with a plan thorough enough to allow Nowhere to happen while being flexible enough to adjust when everything changes. Working with other teams to build up the timeline, grid map and any purchasing to make it happen.

You are :
  • Knowledgeable about electrical principles
  • Confident working with a budget
  • A problem solver who enjoys working on big projects
You will :
  • Talk to the NOrg projects and artists to work out the requirements
  • Work with City Planning and Art to work out a map that balances many competing factors
  • Draw out the initial grid plan
  • Plan the timing of generator deliveries to ensure set-up runs smoothly
  • Order any new or replacement equipment
  • Help make barrios safer and greener by helping with the planning of shared generators
  • Have an impact on making Nowhere more sustainable
Skills/Resources Required:
  • Knowledge of electrical principles
  • Time available in the months before Nowhere, starting in February
  • Comfort with spreadsheets and calculations
  • The things from the ‘You are’ list
What Nice Skills You Could Learn:
  • How event (off-grid) power works and how it differs from on-grid power
  • Knowledge of how all the pieces of Nowhere fit together
  • Project management
Extra Benefit:
  • Learn about the challenges of off-grid event power
  • Get an inside view on all the art and help make it happen

Which department this role belong to:

Site Infrastructure (Power project)

What kind of job it is:

Pre-event lead

TIME Commitment:

Pre-event only: from February, a few hours per week, increasing over the months until the event