Power Setup & Strike Lead(s)

on site

Supervise unpacking, constructing, dismantling then storing off-grid power for NOrg projects and art


Before Nowhere is a bustling event it’s an empty field. Once the containers and placement flags have started going down, people need to plug stuff in. You’ll be walking into this alien land to start laying the grid. As the number of people on site grows, more people join the team until there are multiple groups working across the site.

After the event you’ll be making sure everything comes back in, is inventoried and stored so it’s in working order next year.

This role can be completed by 1 or 2 people, depending on availability (e.g one for Setup/Build, one for Strike)

You are

  • Wanting to get out of the office and do some physical moving stuff around!
  • Not afraid of physical work in the heat
  • Wanting to do your part for Nowhere but don’t enjoy mixing work and partying – you get most of your work done outside of the event time
  • Wanting to make next year’s volunteers lives easier by doing some work this year
  • Comfortable with long days, 6 days a week for up to 3 weeks
  • Wanting to have an impact on making Nowhere more sustainable

You will

  • Be on site early and part of the amazing crew setting up the event
  • Work with volunteers to lay all the cable and place all the equipment to keep NOrg projects and art powered for the event
  • Adjust for the constantly changing situation that is Nowhere
  • Supervise dismantling, collecting, inventory and storage of all the equipment
  • Set up site lighting for NOrg projects, with the exception of MoN
  • Work with someone else if you need to split the time commitment

Skills/Resources Required

  • Confidence with electricity
  • Available to be on-site for the weeks before the event (3 weeks last year) and the week after (unless splitting the role)
  • Confidence working with a team of volunteers
  • Prioritization and decision making

What Nice Skills You Could Learn

  • Building/rigging
  • How event (off-grid) power works
  • Volunteer team leadership (translates to regular teams in the default world)

Extra Benefits

  • Learn about the challenges of off-grid event power
  • Make some amazing, strong connections working hard in a desert
  • New friends from all corners of the world
  • A chance to try something you wouldn’t normally – step out of that comfort zone & grow!
  • A chance to put your real-world skills to the test in a new environment and feel badass!
  • More shiny things coming soon

Which department this role belongs to:

Site Infrastructure (Power project)

What kind of job it is:

On-site Lead 

TIME Commitment:

Pre-event and post-event on-site: 3 weeks before event and 1 week after