Role to be filled

Set up the Power rotas and help them fill with volunteers

There are many Power Rangers and on-call leads that keep Nowhere running but someone needs to help them organise. It’s your job to find them and to fit them into a rota so everything runs smoothly.

Working closely with the Event-time Power Lead and handing over to them during the event, this role focuses on the year-round work to ensure volunteers know what they can do to help and that they’re appreciated for anything they can do.

You are :
  • You love people! Talking to them, thanking them, pushing them to sign up to things
  • Got big ideas about how to set-up or fill a rota?
  • You want to make sure the Power project leads get to sleep and enjoy Nowhere
You will :
  • Use FIST, our volunteer system to set up rotas for volunteers to sign up to
  • Be the point of contact for volunteers’ questions
  • Chase up any holes in the rota to make sure we’re covered
  • Make sure Power volunteers are welcomed and appreciated
Skills/resources Required:
  • Communication skills – happy across different platforms and formats
  • Organisation – it’s not spreadsheets but similar
  • Time available in the months before Nowhere, starting in February
What Nice Skills You Could Learn:
  • Volunteer team leadership (translates to regular teams in the default world)
  • Volunteer relations
Extra Benefit:
  • You et final say on the swag

Which department this role belong to:

Site Infrastructure (Power project)

What kind of job it is:

Pre-event volunteer coordinator

TIME Commitment:

Pre-event: from February a few hours per week