Role to be filled
Radio Lead

Ensure long distance communication can be achieved (make sure we have radios that work available for people who need them).

You are:
  • Willing to learn about radios (or already know about them)
  • Good with technology and figuring out techy issues 
  • Able to arrive on site early (or recruit someone who can)
  • Able to speak at least a bit of English
You will:
  • Learn how to program/configure radios (or you already know!)
  • Time/energy management, e.g. switching between and making time for both work and play


  • Power cycle batteries in Barcelona (or arrange to have done)
  • Check inventory (note dead batteries/radios)
  • Purchase new batteries or related equipment
  • Prepare plan for checking out/checking in radios
  • Determine if additional volunteers are needed & have them recruited
  • Learn how to remotely program radios (talk to Will / Barkeep)
  • Learn Nowhere Radio protocol (talk to Will / Barkeep)


  • Ensure unused batteries are charged
  • Setup base stations, antennas & charging points in various locations
  • Put in place protocol for check out/check in
  • Assist in Radio Protocol training
  • If needed, remotely disable radios of bad agents
  • Be responsible for functioning radios being available for shifts


  • Update list of equipment (bad radios/batteries)
  • Pack up radios for storage in Barcelona (or arrange to have done)

Which department does this role belong to:

Site Logistics & Infrastructure (SLI)

What kind of job it is:


TIME Commitment:

Pre-event (setup)


Strike (post-event)