Role to be filled


On Site


Our Finance (AKA Fineants) team are part of the magic behind making things happen at Nowhere! They crack all the numbers, collate budgets from departments and buy all the items each department (such as Cantina, NoInfo, Malfare, Build & Strike, etc.) all need for the event.

Our Fineants team needs two volunteers to dash to/from site to purchase items from the ferreteria, supermercado, and other suppliers during the 3 weeks of setup (build). If you’re looking for a busy pre-event time role, have a full clean driving license and are someone who is meticulous with record-keeping and detail, this could be the role for you!

As this is a pre-event role, you will be able to relax once Nowhere starts!

Tasks and Time commitment

This is a pre-event role for up to two people, starting from the first day of build in June (dates tbc), with the main tasks being to shuttle to and from site to buy necessary items for departments which have requested them. You will work closely with the on site purchasing volunteer and the rest of the finance team to ensure all items are bought correctly and recorded accurately. You will also be responsible for shuttling volunteers to and from site, safe house, sarinena bus stop and the train station.

Other tasks will include:

  • Checking the onsite purchasing form regularly and work with the purchasing team to take any necessary follow-up steps for the orders e.g (if an order is not clear enough, if you suspect it’s being ordered twice, if it doesn’t come with samples when needed, if the person who placed it doesn’t have budgeting authority, if that team is over budget, etc)
  • Shuttle people to and from site, safe house, Sariñena bus stop and train station.
  • Communicate regularly with the finance team and other departments while off site
  • Speak to shops in Sarinena or local areas if there’s a question about something to be purchased (Spanish will be needed)
  • Ensure that all expenditure is accurately recorded with purchasing process
  • Working with the volunteer coordinator teams on collecting volunteers from the station/shuttle points
  • Working independently to complete tasks


Which department does this role belong to

Finance (AKA Fineants)

Required Skills

  • A licensed driver with a clean driving record
  • Can be on site early for set up
  • Fluent in Spanish and mostly fluent in English
  • Meticulous with your record keeping

Bonus Skills

  • A love for numbers, budgets and things adding up nicely
  • Has been to Nowhere at least once
  • Able to commit to a busy role

Responsible to

Finance Coordinator, Directors

Responsible for

Dashing to/from site to purchase items from the ferreteria, supermercado, and other suppliers during set up


  • Swag (team patches and other exciting things)
  • A chance to try something you wouldn’t normally – step out of that comfort zone & grow!
  • A pre-event only role (unless you choose to help more)