Role to be filled

Maintain Nowhere's toilets together with the wonderful Sanitation, Health and Innovation Team (S.H.I.T.)!

Sanitation is one of the key functions crucial to the success of Nowhere as an event, from a legal standpoint as well as from the well-being of every participant. As such, this lead role spans a wide range of activities pre, during and post event.

You will interact with many teams and play a fundamental role in ensuring that everyone at the event has a positive experience when using the toilet.

Pre Event
  • Determine how many toilets are needed and communicate this to production, build, and placement teams
  • Review maintenance schedule of toilets, make any necessary changes, and communicate these to production team
  • Recruit Shit Ninjas from barrios and freecamping communities and provide any information or training relevant to their role
  • Provide training to any Shit Ninjas and ensure they have access to necessary items to restock toilets
  • Liaise with Site Lead and On-Call Maintenance team to ensure any necessary maintenance, repairs or re-placement is carried out quickly, safely, and effectively
  • Liaise with contractor on chemical toilet cleaning schedule and ensure they have translation services provided if needed
  • Participate in any on-site meetings relevant to your role
  • Provide feedback and highlight any areas that may need review or improvement
  • Participate in any all lead meetings for debriefing as required

Which department does this role belong to:

Site Logistics & Infrastructure (SLI)

What kind of job it is:


TIME Commitment:

On site / Setup, event & strike