Role to be filled

Site Logistics & Infrastructure | MetaLead​(s)

Year Round And On Site

The Site Logistics and Infrastructure (SLI) department is one of the departments responsible for all the magic happening behind the scenes at Nowhere. They are in charge of important tasks such as making sure there is Power for the site, that everyone has a radio and yes those all important toilets….


Our SLI MetaLead is responsible for overseeing the Site Logistics & Infrastructure department and all the associated projects, teams and initiatives for event time operations. We are looking for someone keen to get involved in the nitty gritty details of planning the event with their team for a smooth handover from set-up to event time operations and back to strike when Nowhere ends.

The role will provide guidance and support to Leads within the department and manage the planning of site and infrastructure operations during the event. The below list are some of key activities which the MetaLead is part of:

  • Awareness and logistics of vehicles driving on site during event including buses, deliveries, crew vehicles, and heavy equipment
  • Power layout, generators & fuel
  • Oversight of Site Leads, Site Maintenance, and Production teams
  • Any other functions necessary for the event and in accordance with the event’s licence requirements as set by the Spanish local government.
  • Working closely with Coordinators that organise and arrange permits, legal, financial, and contractor matters

Tasks and Time commitment

As this is a year-round role, the time commitment will vary depending on the needs of the event and your own responsibilities / availability.

However, the main responsibilities will be in the planning; making sure each of the Leads have everything they need to do their job and solving any issues pre-event to make event time operations run smoothly by working with Coordinators. You will be responsible for managing the department during the event and must maintain an awareness of operational matters for all teams under you so you can support teams or individuals as needed. Your on-site responsibility will end when you handover to the strike team within two days post event.

This means you will need to be available for regular meetings with your teams pre-event and be available to attend a MetaLeads committee meeting once a month (in the evening, online) to share updates about each of your department projects and any blockers (such as recruitment) and take part in general decisions around Nowhere 2023.

It is likely you will need up to 15 hours per week free to dedicate to NOrg by June, but the tasks can be split between two of you.

Here are *some* of the tasks you will be getting involved in;


  • Set up a yearly timeline of department operations in conjunction with the SLI co-ordinator 
  • Create yearly budget for department
  • Recruit and onboard Leads and Co-Leads for sub-departments (also year round as required)
  • Attend Meta-Lead Committee meetings each month (all year round), updating the other departments on the status of each team and reporting anything you need help with. 
  • Host regular department meetings for your Leads, giving them any relevant information from the MetaLeads Committee and Coordinators (year round as agreed with teams)
  • Liaise with the teams in your department to coordinate purchasing needs and send to Finance within established deadlines
  • Ensure the placement of all department containers (such as Power) has been communicated to City Planning 
  • Ensure that coordination takes place for all aspects of radios (upkeep, purchases maintenance, programming, inventory) with the Radio Lead. 
  • Ensure all teams in your department have uploaded their Event time rotas to FIST 
  • Assist with recruitment of event time roles on FIST 
  • Make sure that all department teams have event time operations protocols in place 

On-Site (June-July)

  • Provide support to teams in your department in a management capacity as needed 
  • Make sure all teams have a smooth handover and have all the resources they need.
  • Regularly check in with other MetaLeads and act as the point of contact for your department as and when needed.
  • Participate in any on-site meetings relevant to your role.
  • Carry out any site management shift as agreed.

Post-Event / early Pre-event (ideally the start of the production year is in September) 

  • Provide feedback and highlight any areas that may need review or improvement through completing a Post Nowhere Report
  • Start recruiting for Lead vacancies for the next year 
  • Participate in Lead meetings for debriefing as required.
  • Start creating new budget ready for the ALM (by October) and agree final budget (November/December) 
  • Create a project plan for following Nowhere.

Which department does this role belong to:

Site Logistics & Infrastructure (SLI)

Required Skills

  • Flexible and adaptable to change
  • Problem solver
  • Very strong organisational skills and a solid understanding of a variety of admin formats
  • Diligent, reliable and efficient
  • Very good communication skills
  • Good IT skills using Google Drive, Zoom, Chat/Slack, Work and Excel type tools
  • Fluent in English
  • At least one year experience in a lead role at Nowhere (or proven experience of similar role in another event and at least one year in a Lead position at Nowhere)
  • Experience of managing a team of volunteers
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Able to commit to a year-round role

Bonus Skills

  • Experience of recruiting volunteers
  • Experience of working collaboratively
  • Basic Spanish ideally and technical Spanish is highly desirable to communicate with local suppliers