Role to be filled

The Sound lead is part of the Sound, Light and Performance team at the Middle of Nowhere.

Your role is to liaise with performers on their sound requirements and manage the team of volunteers that sets up, operates and takes down the sound equipment during the event.

You are:
  • Experienced with live sound and sound equipment
  • Able to manage a team of volunteers
  • Responsive to communication via email/no-slack
You will:
  • Work with our volunteer coordinator to create the rota for sound volunteers
  • Recruit and manage the team of volunteers that set up and take down our PA (you are welcome to help with this yourself if you are able to arrive at the event a few days early)
  • Communicate to volunteers how to set up and run the sound system at the Middle of Nowhere
  • Keep the equipment inventory up to date and order spare parts if necessary
  • Communicate with our logistics lead to manage storage of our sound equipment
Skills Required/Desired:
  • Experience of volunteering at Nowhere or a similar event
  • Good knowledge of live sound and sound equipment
  • Good communication skills
  • (Desired) Experience of inventory, ordering and and budget monitoring
What Nice Skills You Could Learn:
  • Technical event experience
  • Team management
Extra Benefits:
  • Work under the shade ;
  • This role could be split with a Co-Lead

which department does this role belong to:

Creativity / Mon / Sound & Light

What kind of job it is:

Lead or co-lead

TIME Commitment:

Year round : Pre-event (March-June) A few hours a week, gradually increasing as Nowhere gets closer.

Onsite/ Build & strike :  Daily during crew working hours, with exception of days off