Role to be filled
Translation Lead (and co-lead)

Help manage the communications between the Nowhere staff and the translator teams.

Do you feel that Nowhere should be more International and that it is accessible only for the people who speak English? Do you want our wonderful community to grow more and more inclusive? We you’re your help!

The translators are in charge for translating important communications pre and post Nowhere and the of course the Survival Guide. The coordinators will have to pass the requests, follow the translation process and keep the translators happy and active.

You are :
  • Able to work online
  • Good at keeping in contact with the team volunteers
  • Good at managing people and priorities
You will :
  • Communicate with the Nowhere teams that request translations
  • Communicate with Translation Team volunteers and prepare documents for their work
  • Keep the Translation groups updated with current translation contacts
  • Ensure that translations are completed
Skills Required/Desired:
  • Fluent in English 
  • Familiar with Nowhere and its principles
  • (Desired) Fluency in a second language (Spanish, French, Italian, German)
What Nice Skills You Could Learn:
  • managing volunteers around the globe
Extra Benefit:
  • Become unbeatable about Nowhere’s questions

Which department this role belong to:


What kind of job it is:

Lead & Co-lead

TIME Commitment:

Year round: pre-event and post-event : work at home!