Lead roles to be filled for Nowhere 2019

We always need Nomads, Gate Crew, Interpreters, Sound/Light/Power, La Cantina crew etc. but we also have quite a few year round roles if you would like to get more involved, or want to do something different than last year – the list below is what is currently up for grabs so if anything sounds interesting to you, please contact the email next to the role.

Barrios & Freecamping Roles 

  • Barrios Co-Leads – Help camps with check-in, liaise with container and water cube placement –barrios@goingnowhere.org

Build Strike Design Management Roles 

  • Strike Co-Leads – Oversee Nowhere being put into boxes and cleared away from site after the event – strike@goingnowhere.org
  • Strike Leave No Trace Lead & Co Lead – The purpose of this role is to oversee a team of volunteers who together ensure that once event has finished there really is No Trace. Either organising line sweeping for MooP (matter out of place) or teaching volunteers how to assist people using the W&R (Waste and Recycling Zone) there are many ways to ensure the field is restored to its original state. It will require somebody who is available to stay until the end of strike for up to 10 days.lnt@goingnowhere.org
  • Build Leads – Head up teams of people building various structures – bdsm@goingnowhere.org

Finance Roles


Gate, Greeter & Perimeter Roles 

  • Perimeter Co-Lead – Walk around the site at night with cool night vision and heat vision technology – perimeter@goingnowhere.org
  • Greeters Lead & Co-Lead – Welcome Nobodies home, spread cheer (and information) as people arrive – greeters@goingnowhere.org 

Production Roles 

  • Sanitation Co-Lead (habla español) – Ayude a contratistas de inodoros haciéndoles saber lo peor primeroshitninjas@goingnowhere.org

Participant Wellness Roles 

  • Site Infrastructure Operations (Si-Ops) Co-Lead – Event time site management, dealing with structures, deliveries, and general operation of the event – site@goingnowhere.org  

Sound Light and Power Roles 

  • Event-time Power Lead – Manage the team of Power Rangers that maintains Nowhere’s power grid and keeps electricity flowing throughout the event – power@goingnowhere.org
  • Sound Lead –  Manage the team that sets up, operates, maintains and takes down the sound equipment at Middle of Nowhere – sound@goingnowhere.org

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