Role to be filled

Manage the teams of volunteers on site and welcome new arrivals to the set-up and strike crews.

As a Volunteer Coordinator you will be one of the first people on site to arrange the work teams and keep track of which people are doing what work, and welcome new people to Nowhere set-up and strike.

You are:
  • Available from June 20th (if set-up team) or until July 19th (if strike team)
  • Organised and able to work with every team on site
  • Comfortable dealing with interpersonal issues
You will:
  • Keep track of which volunteers are where, and what they’re doing
  • Arrange volunteers to be collected from Sariñena station
  • Welcome new people to site and explain the site layout
  • Manage the big pile of ID cards so we can track who has tools
  • Coordinate volunteer rest days
Skills Required/Desired:
  • Strong communication skills
  • Confortable with computer things and spreadsheet
  • Able to talk in English
  • (Desired) Fluency in a second language (Spanish, French, Italian, German)
What Nice Skills You Could Learn:
  • Project management!
  • How to herd cats
Extra Benefits:
  • You get to meet _everyone_ on site!

Which department does this role belong to:


What kind of job it is:

Co-lead (share the work with an other lead)

TIME Commitment:

On site / Setup only OR Strike only