Role to be filled
Werkhaüs Co-Lead

The Werkhaus lead is responsible for ensuring Werkhaus is the best possible home for our precious volunteers. They have overall responsibility for coordinating the layout of Werkhaus, ensuring all facilities are provided.

What is Werkhaüs ? Lear more HERE.

You are:
  •  happy organising things
  • computer literate (spreadsheets and other)
  • able to work with a budget
  • able to liaise with others
  • good at planning
  • calm under pressure
  • not afraid to take on leadership
  • happy to be part of a team that focuses on volunteer management and support
You will:
    – Set and agree to budget
    – create online registration form and put online
    – collect barrio fees
    – plan Werkhaus layout and build schedule
    – set volunteer schedule
    – fill all barrio shifts
    – ensure bar have all ordered supplies and filled volunteer shifts
    – organise placement
    – order any required infrastructure, materials or supplies
    – liaise with other teams to ensure the requirements for Werkhaus are being met
    – make sure all volunteers are offered the opportunity to camp with Werkhaus during the event
    – order Werkhaus schwag (wristbands, patches, stencils etc)
  • ONSITE :
    – ensure Werkhaus is built safely
    – ensure structure is built on time
    – oversee implementation of power, water, sound, showers, kitchen equipment etc
    – welcome volunteers to werkhaus
    – ensure Werkhaus is a welcoming, pleasant place to be
    – include newcomers – create a team/family spirit
    – register Werkhaus barrio members
    – ensure people are aware of their volunteer – shifts and are able to complete them
    – express gratitude to everyone, make them feel supported and valued
    – complete Post Nowhere Report
    – provide an actual budget spend report

Basically, you’re gonna be Barrio-lead and a Norg Lead in the same time. 😉

What Nice Skills You Could Learn:
  • organisation skills
  • computer literate (spreadsheets and other)
  • budgeting
  • liaise with others
  • planning
  • calm under pressure
  • ordering supplies
  • leadership
  • volunteer management and support
Extra Benefits:
  • Chose some cool swag, have some of the warm beverages, climb on containers.

Which department does this role belong to:


What kind of job it is:

Co-lead (share the work with an other lead)

TIME Commitment:

Year round role (Off site) & On site / Setup, event & strike