& E V E N T SW O R K S H O P S
& E V E N T S

Workshops and events are a great way to learn a new skill or be entertained – and, of course, to teach a skill and entertain!

Any skill or talent you are willing to share is your gift to the community. Whether you dance, make music, do yoga, sing opera, twirl nipple tassels, swing poi, meditate, play guitar, paint watercolours or practice tantra, your participation is encouraged, nay, required!

What do you want to do?

What kind of event do you want to run? Nowhere is created entirely by its participants, and that goes way beyond the Barrios that make up our temporary home. Whether you want to run a workshop to teach people new skills, put on a performance to entertain people, bring people together to create something unique and wonderful, or just have a party – the choice is yours.  

Where to run your event

Many Barrios host events throughout the week. If you are staying with a Barrio, check with your Barrio-mates to make sure they’re happy with you scheduling an event there. Some Barrios will even allow you to hold events in their space if you’re not camping with them, have a look hereArt projects
If you are bringing an Art project to Nowhere and it’s interactive, or you want to run some workshops there or have a party – great!Get in touch with the What Where When Guide folks by emailing wwwguide@goingnowhere.org to ask them for help in listing your event. Nowhere and everywhere!
Why constrain yourself to a physical location! Many events can run right across the Nowhere site. Think “Tutu Tuesday” … why constrain the glory of your tutu to a single location!Middle of Nowhere
We have an amazing shared community structure, appropriately called the Middle of Nowhere, where many workshops are held. There’s room for it all… it just takes you! Some of our favourite traditions include the Miss Nowhere pageant, the Costume Camp fashion show, and the Nowhere closing ceremony, which brings everyone together on Sunday night for a shared meal. Please contact us at mon@goingnowhere.org for more information. Ohana HouseIf you are running a workshop or event that is particularly suitable for kids or families, and will be running during daylight hours, then the Ohana House is there for you! Contact inclusion@goingnowhere.org for more info.

How to plan your event?

If you want to run an event at the Middle of Nowhere (“MoN”), there is a team of people dedicated to managing the space. 

 The steps to follow to sign up for a workshop at MoN are:

  • write to our email mon@goingnowhere.og and propose your workshop (requiring also for grant if you need it),
  • wait for a code from us to submit your ws on the wwwguide, with time and day we will provide to you, on the link below.

  If you’re running your event at a Barrio, make sure everyone else in the Barrio knows about your plans, and is ok with it. Most Barrios have a dedicated person or team who manage their own events schedule for the week.

How to let *everyone else* at Nowhere know about your event?

An event isn’t an event if no-one turns up!We have a dedicated guide for ALL of the events that happen throughout Nowhere – but you have to submit your event for it to be included.  The What Where When Guide is both a website where you can submit your event, browse  everyone else’s events, and create your own calendar for things you want to do during Nowhere.It is also a printed guide, that you will receive at the gate when you arrive at Nowhere.  The website will be going online for this year’s Nowhere very shortly, and you can then add your events to both the online and printed versions of the guide. The deadline for submitting events to the WWWG is going to be mid-June, depending on the printers deadlines. Keep an eye on the site for more info! 


How to fund your workshop or event?

As others creative projects at Nowhere, we can help you fund your workshop or event with grants.

Value: up to 70% of the request, 100% if you are asking for less than 100€.


  • Grants are designed to help with materials costs (including materials transportation).
  • This grant will not pay for your ticket or personal transportation costs.
  • Everyone must buy a ticket to Nowhere.
  • We have safe, lockable storage and the Middle of Nowhere can offer a full P.A. sound and light system.
  • Please get in contact for a list of equipment we have available.
  • We only pay grants after the event, on the production of valid receipts.


Next deadline: mid May 2020