Role to be filled
[Your secret project]

Create your own Lead position.

Are you interested in helping making Nowhere during the year, but none of the roles advertised is your cup of tea (or coffee)?

Do you have a serious idea to make Nowhere better?

Then there is a solution: get in touch with a Norg department an create your own Lead (or co-lead) position!

You are:
  • Willing to be more involved for Nowhere year round
  • keen to work with us on our online tools: Mattermost (aka a better Slack), googleDrive, emails, Loomio and/or FIST.
You have:
  • an idea that you want to push into reality
  • the time to make it work
  • the skills (or part of it) to implement your idea
  • the motivation to do it
Why doing it within Norg?
  • Making that idea within a Norg department will give you access to :
    • our cooperation’s tools
    • knowledge to make it work according to our weird event rules: info, precedents, advises, permit’s requirements…
    • some help from your team members
How to do this?
  1. Find the right team to work with (find the right team here)
  2. Contact that team by email and explain your project/idea, what do to and why
  3. They will reply to you asap and discuss your project with you
  4. Setup you role with that team
  5. Create magic!

Which department does this role belong to:

This is your call.
Have a look here to find out in what team you & your project belong!

What kind of job it is:

This need to be decide with the complicity of the relevant team.

TIME Commitment:

This need to be decide with the complicity of the relevant team.