49 days and counting


Yep we’re turning over our calendars and seeing it’s almost May…that means it’s the final countdown folks, there’s 7 weeks until the first boots land to start making Nowhere happen…let’s all start daydreaming 


YOU could be the first one to step on that shiny shiny dust….

Feel the wind in your hair

View a beautiful sunrise and sunset 

And bask in the knowledge that you are one of the few that will see the entire city built in just three weeks…


So join us at Early Build!! We need Early Build volunteers to join us from 12th June. You will be fed and watered by other amazing volunteers and transported to site. 

There will be many roles you can join us with (see below and on FIST) but we do urgently need builders, cantina crew and power people to join us. 


What is Early build? The period between first day of build and the ‘main’ week of build (26th June onwards). 

Some simple info about Build; 

  • 1st day of build is 12th June 2023 and build is a total of 3 weeks long, with increasing projects each week until barrios arrive on the last week. 
  • Cantina will feed you – three meals a day! 
  • Transport is provided to the site – you just need to get to Sarinena train station. Sign up and you will be contacted with more info.
  • Work 6 days in a row and get a night in our safe house, including an actual real shower and an actual bed to sleep in!  

What teams need to go on site? 

  • First on site is the Demarcations crew who set up the site by flagging where everything will be using a GPS.
  • Builders then arrive to construct all the required structures – we need 15 crew on site from the first day 
  • La Cantina crew’s job is to feed everyone on site during setup, every day, 3 times a day, plus beer to loosen up. We need at least 2 people who know how to run a kitchen and cook for between 30 and 100 lovely nobodies, we would prefer 4 in total.
  • Fluffers provide assistance to all the other teams, like rehydration and sunscreen and snacks to make sure they don’t die while setting up Nowhere.
  • Power crew makes sure we have electricity, this involves getting generators running and laying cables for distributing the power via cables from the generators. 

Fancy a go at any of these? 

Sign up in the relevant department on FIST or email bs@goingnowhere.org or volunteers@goingnowhere.org with the shift you want to do!

Would love to sign up but have issues like time or transportation? Tell us and we’ll work to solve your problem the best we can! Email volunteers@goingnowhere.org