Previously known as artcars

Artomobiles at Nowhere

Not content for your art to remain in just one place during Nowhere? Ready to bedazzle others that your structure has moved? Show off how your art morphs on the move? Eager to provide an original way of transportation on site? Want to drive this amazingly crazy vehicle that you’ve dreamed of for years? Or do you have another reason to bring an Artomobile to Nowhere?

Other than service vehicles, registered Artomobiles are the only motorised vehicles allowed to drive on site during the event.
As we want to keep all our lovely, dusty attendees safe, if you want to bring an Artomobile, you have to register it first. The Artomobiles team is here to help. 

There are some areas of Nowhere that are off-limits to Artomobiles at all times. This map will be published before the event and paper copies given to all registered Artomobiles on site, with their day/night permit, after their general safety check. 

Nowhere 2024 Artomobile registration

You MUST register your artomobile BEFORE you arrive at Nowhere. If you are applying for a grant to fund your Artomobile, please refer to these guidelines.

Artomobile FAQ

If you have any other questions or need more information, email

Building my vehicle

There is no size limit on vehicles, however you need to be able to move the vehicle yourselves unaided. Please remember the terrain is uneven and the journey to Nowhere is hilly!

The are no restrictions but please remember the Nowhere principles of Self Reliance and Leave No Trace; you will need to bring any spares you need with you, and remove any unused materials or scraps from the site at the end of the event.

If you intend to use your vehicle after dark it will need to be well lit, with front, rear and side lights. Fairy lights will do, but you need to be seen.

Headlights are a must, you need to be able to see pedestrians who may not hear you coming.

Sound systems are part of the fun of Nowhere but please be aware of the Sound Policy. Keep to the sound zones & directions as will be shown on your Artomobile Pass.


You will be sent full instructions after you register, however in short you will need to report on arrival to register your drivers. Your art car must also be checked for safety, number of spotters and passengersby the Artomobile team and assigned an Artomobile Pass for ‘daytime’ or ‘anytime’ driving.

Artomobile, Barrios and other registered projects can arrive the weekend before the event starts, however you must get an Early Entry pass in advance and show it at the Gate when you arrive. After you register we can discuss this with you further.

The days leading up to the opening of the event are frantic getting ready for 1000+ people arriving. We will not be able to guarantee help with getting your vehicle set up. Any materials or labour you need must be brought with you, and everything you bring must be removed at the end of Nowhere.

Maintenance & Fuel

You will be expected to bring everything you need to maintain your vehicle.

You need to remember the terrain is uneven, so spare tires and a trolley jack are recommended, and a means to support the vehicle (i.e. axle stands). Anything else you may need is up to you to provide!

There will be no fuel provided nor on sale on site. All fuel you bring must be stored safely within your camp, out of direct sunlight and away from heat and flames. All fuel containers must have the CE mark and be appropriate for this use.

Your vehicle can only be refuelled at your camp or in the designated Artomobile area – NEVER ON THE MOVE!



We insist on a first aid kit, and an ABC Powder fire extinguisher (not required for small electric only vehicles – ebikes, wheelchairs, etc.)

In addition to the vehicle having headlights to see potential obstacles at night, and being lit on all sides in order for others to see it coming, the Artomobile will need ground escort (called spotters) at all times to look for potential obstacles. When operating the vehicle at night, the spotters must be using a flash light to ensure the ground is clear of people and other obstacles.

Winds can be high at Nowhere, with rain and dust storms likely. Your vehicle must be adequately anchored, electrics waterproofed and have no loose parts!

The Artomobile must have adequate working breaks and a means of keeping it stationary when unattended, i.e. a handbreak.

There are legal restrictions about fire at Nowhere given to us from the local authorities. Please contact us directly if you wish to use flame effects on your vehicle.

The area is a conservations area at high risk of wildfire, therefore burning of artwork is not permitted at Nowhere.

Driving around site

No, you do not need a driving license as the event is held on private property, however we will be operating a driver registration system. Only registered drivers will be allowed to drive on site.

Your details must be submitted on the application form. You must be prepared to stay sober, in every sense of the word when operating the vehicle.

You will only be permitted to drive your vehicle on the designated routes . You will receive a map of the No Drive Zones when you register your Artomobile. You can’t drive in the No Drive Zone.

The site will operate a strict 10 km/h speed limit or less. If you’re car is able to drive faster, well done, but don’t do it! You will creating a giant dust cloud in your wake (Very useful to track you and scold you)

Well aside from the children running about, tire-destroying rebar, overly-refreshed participants everywhere, poor lighting, and fragile art which can “unexpectedly jump” in front of your car, speeding also generates a lot of dust which gets blown into our beers. It is more likely the trailer carrying your Artomobile back home will get stuck in the dunes that speeding on site creates.

Yes, but we don’t want any accidents – so if you want to carry passengers, please design in adequate guardrails or seating to prevent falls or injury. Passengers must stay on vehicles when they are moving. Never transport more passengers than agreed upon on your Artomobile Pass.