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Calling all musicians and performers!

Musicians and Performers, it’s time to unleash your creative vision and bring your ideas to life on the desert stage! Nowhere is a blank canvas waiting for your touch!

We’re offering grants to those who want to dazzle us with their talents and make a lasting impression. However, grant or not, we invite everyone to join us and be part of the magic that is Nowhere. All participants are welcome to join in all events, from the Opening ceremony, to the Thursday Cabaret and the Saturday Night Show at the Middle of Nowhere, to spontaneous jams, and interactive experiences.

Whether you’re a solo performer or putting together a band spectacle, every performance is cherished and we want to support you in making your vision come to life.


Solo and small group grants (up to about €300)

Smaller bands, soloists and musicians can bring their act to Nowhere and play a live set at the Middle of Nowhere during the event. Of course your performance does not stop here. Feel free to contact Barrios for a slot or make the desert your stage with impromptu performance anywhere you like. 

Opening Ceremony (up to about €400)

Be a part of Nowhere’s Opening Ceremony!

The Opening Ceremony is an organised ‘Parade’ through Nowhere with various shows and happenings planned en route. Starting at the Middle of Nowhere on Tuesday just before sunset, we will be moving collectively with art vehicles and participants as a procession over the desert, visiting many barrios and art installations, getting all Nobodies into the spirit of Nowhere through live music and theatrical dance.

As a performer or musician, we invite you to join us and make your mark on this unforgettable event. We’re offering grants to support your participation, and we’re open to any creative ideas you have to contribute. Let’s co-create this unforgettable celebration together!

How to apply

More information about performance grants is coming soon!

Please fill in the Performance Registration form, whether or not you need funding. 


  • We offer up to 90% of all costs for performance grants.
  • The grants are designed to help with production costs, including costumes, props, lighting, decoration and instrument transportation and maintenance. This grant will not pay for your ticket or personal transportation costs.
  • Every performer must buy a ticket. Once you are awarded your grant, you must purchase a ticket to Nowhere within 2 weeks if you do not already have one.
  • We have safe, lockable storage and the Middle of Nowhere can offer a full P.A. sound system. Please get in contact for a list of equipment we have available.
  • We only pay grants after the event, on the production of valid receipts.

Please contact us at for more information. This is the opportunity for you to use the incredible backdrop of Nowhere to create an original, inspiring and spectacular show!

Stay in touch, join the Facebook groups:

Performers for NowhereFire Performing at Nowhere

DJS & live music at Nowhere

If you’re a DJ looking for a place to spin, we’ve got you covered. As much as we all love to dance to the beeps and bops of electronic dance music, we’re after as wide a range of music as possible – so don’t limit yourself! If you fancy spinning Balkan beats or Cajun blues or Brazillian samba, we want to hear it!

So if you love to DJ, check out the barrios (theme camps) page to contact the Barrios and ask if you can play a slot on their sound systems. Each Barrio has their own favorite sounds, so just come along and play.