New Land Project

Quest: For Our New Home

🌟 Exciting News: Exploring Future Possibilities for Our Own Community Land! 🌟

Greetings, beloved dusty people and cherished nobodies,

The idea is planted, and we dream of owning our own land for our community where innovation can grow, and smooth down the annual bureaucratic tango. Nowhere is looking for new land in the near future. The current site has its limits and has a high operating cost. So naturally, we are looking for new options to explore. Since there are a lot of rules connected to this area, we might be looking to go to an area with fewer limitations. You can read more about the details here…

If this dream resonates with your vision, join our team! We want to know your opinion on what is important to you when finding this new land. We did a little survey amongst the barrios, and together, we’re writing a new chapter—one that promises growth, co-creation, and the exhilaration of new possibilities.

We’re eager to hear your thoughts on this—please take a moment to share your insights by completing our survey here …

Let’s work together and shape our community’s future by actively participating in our financial structure through loans or donations. By reducing our reliance on banks, we want to start a separate group outside NORG that can pave the way for greater independence in acquiring the land that will be the heart of our shared community. Therefore we have the rather special request for a financial help, just like Borderland did, we would like to see how financial support we can get from the community. Please fill in this form if you think you can help us financially.

If you want to stay updated about the new land, participate, or volunteer, or brainstorm—all is possible here: Specifically, we are looking for Spanish-speaking lawyers and real estate agents who can help us with the different laws in the different areas. If you have any questions related to that, email

So, buckle up, dear community,
for the adventure of finding land! Let’s revel in the joy of discovery together 🙂

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