Role to be filled

Safer Space Lead(s)

Year Round and on site


The Safer Space is a space within Nowhere’s Wellness Complex that is open several hours a day during event time to receive anyone who wants to talk about a consent breach they have experienced on site. It is staffed by trained volunteers (the safer space crew) who are good listeners, in many cases by profession.

Ideally there will be two Safer Space Leads and between them they will share all planning, coordinate the training and the rota of volunteers, set up and maintain the Safer Space cabin, manage record keeping and reporting, liaise with other related teams, and generally oversee the management of the Safer Space during the event.

Tasks and Time Commitment

This is a year round role, and planning typically starts in earnest from March, taking maybe up to two hours a week for the first few months, then up to four hours a week in May and June.

During the event a considerable amount of time commitment is required. See below for details.

After the event there are some wrap up tasks and meetings before a lull until the cycle starts again.

Here’s an example of some of the tasks you’ll be helping with throughout the year;


  • Safer Space Crew recruitment, selection, and allocation to rota
  • Devise or update training materials and deliver online training to Safer Space Crew
  • Inform other Leads and the wider Nowhere community about the Safer Space
  • Attend online meetings with wider Consent and Participant Wellness teams as required

On Site

  • Set up and maintain the Safer Space cabin
  • Deliver on site Safer Space Crew training
  • Daily check the two on site consent reporting boxes
  • Event time shifts (dependent on how many other appropriate volunteers are available):
    • Three Safer Space Lead shifts (3 hours each)
    • Two on call shifts over the course of the week (21 hours each)
  • Liaise with Malfare in cases that require immediate intervention


  • Thank volunteers and invite them to give feedback
  • Provide written feedback in the form of a Post Nowhere Report (PNR)
  • Participate in a wrap up meeting with your team and/or MetaLead as appropriate
  • If you intend to step down, ensure the role description is up to date
  • Attend the annual All Leads Meeting (ALM) if possible

Which department does this role belong to:


Required Skills

  • Fluent in English
  • Strong communication and organizational skills
  • An understanding and commitment to upholding consent, with an emphasis on empathy and non-judgemental support
  • Experience of managing a team of volunteers
  • Previous experience volunteering for, or organizing, something similar to a Safer Space
  • Standard IT skills including Google Drive, spreadsheets, email, social media
  • Able to commit to a year round role

Bonus skills

  • Speaks Spanish and/or French
  • Experience of delivering training


  • Support and guidance from your MetaLead, co-Lead, and Team members
  • The warm glow of being part of the Malfare team and the wider NOrg family
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are playing a big part in making Nowhere participants’ experience safer and happier and contributing to the success of Nowhere
  • The opportunity to buy your ticket before the general sale next year
  • Swag (team patches and other exciting things) (details TBA…)