Role to be filled

Event Radio | Lead(s)

On Site


You need to:

  • Make sure someone (yourself, the other co lead, whoever is leading permit day and strike, a volunteer, or whoever else you believe fits the job) is there during the “Malfare Complex” shift changes, to assist in retrieving and handing out functional radios (including having people fill out the check out sheets and keeping electronic inventory). This is usually a 10-15-minute-long affair.
  • Ensure the stock of batteries is kept charged and that various issues (faulty equipment mostly) are either solved or documented and brought up to the Strike Lead. This is usually an additional 5-10 minutes
  • Generally improve the Radio Cabin including (possibly) implementing better filing system, labeling things, noting issues from last shift, taking out the trash, and just generally making radio and Malfare life even better!

This job requires as much time as you would like to offer – but don’t forget to go out and play too !

Tasks and Time Commitment

This job is an on call and show up at regular intervals job, and can be shared amongst several people. There are approximately 6 shift changes in a day; ideally there are 2 leads which then may recruit volunteers to help during their shift. What worked great last year was the co leads did 1 day each, and within their day, worked out with their volunteers which times to show up. This is important but can also be very flexible.

Which department does this role belong to:

Site, Logistics & Infrastructure

Required Skills

  • ┬áCan count to at least 3 and is good with taking and tracking inventories
  • Like using computers (the software is all pretty well documented though)
  • Show up on time and even a bit early!

Bonus skills

  • Enjoy problem solving questions like “my radio earpiece is malfunctioning” or “the cantina radio has ceased transmitting” given some documentation for debugging
  • Be a proactive people person
  • Willing to go chase down MetaLeads to anticipate material needs for each team
  • Know or are willing to learn Nowhere’s radio protocol enough to train other people


  • Work in the shade, scratch that, in an air conditioned, cabin