Code of Conduct

Participants are expected to (mostly) behave

Participant Code of Conduct 

We’ve provided custom translations of the participant code of conduct. Please access our translations using the buttons below. English translation is provided on the page directly.

At all events organized at Nowhere, participants are responsible for their own behavior and resolving their own issues.

Nowhere will not condone any behavior that endangers its ability to hold the annual festival and other community events, and will open a Session with the Nowhere Consent Committee in case of a significant breach of the following guidelines.

Nowhere will not tolerate:

  • Name calling, verbal abuse or bullying,
  • Physical abuse or harassment, hostile behavior, aggressive, threatening behavior,¬†
  • Sexual discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual abuse,
  • any discrimination on the grounds of sexuality, race, religion, gender, disability, age or any other distinction,
  • Stealing or any form of theft,
  • Taking or sharing photos or video without the consent of the person(s) appearing in the image.

Being in an inebriated state will not excuse a person from their actions if they decide to act outside the code of conduct.

Consent is reversible at any time.

If a participant takes a lead volunteer role with the core Nowhere Organization, they will be required to sign a specific Lead Code of Conduct as they will represent Nowhere every time they interact online or attend one of our events, related parties, or other regional events.

Participants who have been reported for behavior that qualifies for a Consent Committee Session are not permitted to take a lead role with the core Nowhere Organization or continue in a role they currently hold.

Participants may report any incident in which another participant is behaving in an abusive, intimidating, threatening, or unsafe manner.

During the event, any incident can be shared with Malfare directly, with a Nomad on duty, or through the Consent Violation Reporting Box installed in Welfare Enough.

In between events, a report can be made by submitting a Nowhere Incident Reporting Form. If a report is first received through an email conversation, the participant will be invited to fill out a Nowhere Incident Report Form to ensure that the Consent Committee has clear and complete information.

Important: Contact information that is provided during the ticket purchase can be shared, on request, with the Consent Committee in case of a report in which the person who has violated this Code of Conduct is identified. More about the Consent Committee.