Do you want buses at Nowhere this year?

This is the inquiry form to find out how many people are interested in booking a bus ride to and from Nowhere 2023!

**Please make the bus rides happen and answer by May 26th

Detailed information will follow once the bus tickets go on sale.

To organize the buses we need 2 volunteers on each bus – the so called Bus Ladies & Lords (or Bus Liege for our non binary volunteers). This shift is going to count as a regular volunteer shift for the event.

The Bus Ladies & Lords & Lieges will be in contact with the Bus Leads before, during and after the drive to Nowhere and will be responsible for:

  • Checking-in the passengers on each bus
  • Talking to the driver
  • Coordinating with Bus Leads for possible troubleshooting
  • Problem-solving (in case the hippies miss their bus, etc.)

If you are interested in volunteering as a Bus Lady or Lord or Liege please email volunteers@goingnowhere.org to apply!