New Consent Committee Members!!

The Consent Committee’s mission is to protect our community from abusive behavior as outlined in the Participant Code of Conduct and to ensure the community’s ability to hold future events.

The reason for the existence of a “Consent Committee” is to have a group of people who are committed to being active between events to facilitate conversations with people who have been identified in consent violation reports, and advise Nowhere on how to proceed.

Our starting point is that most people want to do the right thing, and our primary goal is to guide people to realizing where they could improve. In what we hope will be rare cases, we might also recommend that someone not be invited back to Nowhere in the future. A session would include 3 consent committee members and the reported individual having a zoom meeting. At the end of the session we will asked the individual reported to sign an agreement regarding behavior moving forward.

This year, we have collected 21 reports. Some of them will be eligible for a session after we have contacted the reporter to get confirmation that they allow us to open a session and agree on the level of disclosure of what happened. We have made that decision based on a color coding severity scale and the desires of the individual who made the report.
7 Participants have volunteered to be part of this Consent Committee, and we would like to hear from you whether you have any concerns about any of the people we have selected.
3 of those participants have also volunteered as Safer Space listeners, last Nowhere.

We confirm that none of them can be involved in a session about a report they would have been involved as listeners or people they know on a personal level.


This document introduces you to the committee members. It provides an opportunity to ask questions and send us some comments if you are not comfortable with the committee as presented.

Please send a direct message to 

Feel like joining the Consent Committee as a member?

We still have some seats available, let us know!