Nohere Rideshare

This feature is in beta mode.

What is this awesome  new page?

Hi there, welcome to this attempt to make ride-sharing to and from Nowhere easier.

This is a BETA system and we are using a tool (FacilMap) in a way that is contrary to how it is designed be used.

/!\ This system will probably be confusing/irritating, please read the following FAQ carefully.

You can update anyone’s data! There are no accounts or any kind of access control. So please:

  • Update your data
  • Don’t mess with others people’s data

Anyone who wants to share a ride to go to Nowhere or from Nowhere.

  1. Click Route and add your departure and destination. Click on customize to customize. Then, click “Go!
  2. Make sure the route looks roughly like what you will take. You can drag the line to add new ‘waypoints’ to change how it plans the route.
  3. Click Add to map, chose EVENT TIME  or BUILD / STRIKE (if you have an early entry ticket).
  4. Click Edit data. For the Name, enter some info about your journey. E.G: 19th june | Build | South of France>Nowhere. This will help people find your ride.
  5. Fill up all the info. Then close.
  6. If you agree to give someone a ride, update the number of spaces left.
  1. Look at the map to find a journey that works for you. The colour code for the types of ride is under Types of rides (in the LEGEND / Bottom-right of the map )
  2. You can click to hide/show a type according to what you’re looking for.
  3. Click on the route line to see the data about a ride.
  4. You can also see lists of all the rides and the details below the map.
  5. Contact humans. Talk to them. Go to Nowhere with them.