Everything at Nowhere is run by volunteers – this means: YOU!

There is many way to contribute during the event, it’s a way to share your skills but also to learn some new ones. Volunteering is damn cool, doesn’t require special skills, only motivation and helps you getting new friends.

FIST “For Information And Scheduling Of Teams”

FIST is on our online platform where you can apply to be a volunteer. Create an account and answer some basic questions about yourself, including your emergency contact details, and then browse the roles and shifts you want to volunteer for.

Note that depending on the shifts you’ll take, you will be fed by our amazing volunteers kitchen “La Cantina” and its tastiest meals.

You want to wolunteer during the event? Here are some ideas:

  • Love to cook? Help Cantina.
  • Think protecting the environment is important? LNT will love you!
  • Love to walk around and help others? Many different roles are waiting for you at Malfare.
  • Want to take care of others? Welfare needs you.
  • Speak several languages? We always need Interpreters.
  • Always wanted to play shopkeeper? Ice Ice Baby will fulfill your dream.
  • Love playing with children? Go to Ohana House.
  • Want to be the first face people will see? Gate Krew is recruiting.
  • Your secret dream is to be a Ranger? Join Perimeter.
  • You have an answer to every question? Help the others at NoInfo
  • Good knowledge in electricity? SLAP is electrifying.
  • Want to make people dusty? Welcome them as a Greeter.
  • And way more!
Sep-up & Strike


Consists of the few weeks before the event when we raise a city from the ground up. In this short time we assemble a production office, mark the city streets, lay down the power grid, and build the essential public infrastructures.

Everyone on site works their ass of towards one goal: this weird Utopia called Nowhere.


We’ve had our fun, but it’s also time to stick to our principles. We strike all structures, clean, and chase down every last piece of moop until there is nothing besides a blank canvas. This is a tough job after a week (or more) in the field of dirt but this part is crucial. “From dirt to dirt” is not only for your camp and your tent.
If you have any extra days after Nowhere, please consider staying longer on site and help to leave no trace.