Role to be filled

Signage | Build Co-Lead(s)

On Site


City Planning needs your help!! Our Signage lead, Kelly, has other responsibilities on the Playa this year and we are looking for someone who can take over the day-to-day tasks for signage such as coordinating volunteers, painting and planting signs before the event, and collecting and inventorying them after. The job is pretty simple, straightforward, and so much fun!! You’ll be part of an awesome crew of volunteers and you’ll get the awesome experience of being a crucial part of the event.

During Build, the Signage team makes and places all the signs that are needed for Nowhere. Post-event, the signs need to be collected, inventoried, and stored. No work is needed during the event. The Signage Co-Lead works alongside the Signage Lead and a few other volunteers to do this. Ideally, you would be available to be on-site from the 24th of June to the 10th of July. 

Tasks and Time Commitment

Pre Event 

A few hours to familiarize yourself with the inventory, FIST, and signage request form and one short meeting with the city planning team for introductions. 

  • Familiarize yourself with the inventory of signs in storage from last year.
  • Participate in creating the project plan for signage teamwork once on site including any new signs to be created
  • Liaise with the signage lead and volunteer coordinators to ensure assigned volunteers receive any information pertinent to their role
  • Assist in confirming arrival and departure dates for all team volunteers and that early entry access codes have been distributed
  • Have a meeting or two with the City Planning Team before we get on-site to get you up to date and answer any questions you have 🙂

On Site (Buil)

We work every day (with the exception of agreed days off) from roughly sunrise to sunset with a LONG break in the hottest part of the day to coordinate creation, construction, and placement of signs on and off-site as necessary. AND WE HAVE FUN! Any site management shifts as agreed.

  • Assist the signage lead in the coordinating process of creating, updating, cleaning, and constructing of signs 
  • Ensure that any signs required for permit have been created 
  • Ensure that all signs are placed both on and off-site as necessary
  • Ensure the creation and placement of signs from the signage request form
  • Manage signage team volunteers 
  • Attend short meetings with the signage lead during build and strike to ensure we stay on schedule. 
  • Coordinate process for striking, disassembly, cleaning, and storage of signs
  • Ensure that all signs and sign shop materials are stored appropriately and ensure that inventory has been recorded
  • Carry out any site management shifts per agreed rota

Post Event

Be there to help for at least a few days after the event to help make sure all the signs have been collected and stored with the help of your lovely strike volunteers and an inventory is made of all materials. A few hours a week immediately following Nowhere to provide feedback on your role and team is also encouraged. Participation in debriefing meetings is required to your role and if possible, participation in the annual All Leads Meeting. 

  • Provide feedback and highlight any areas that may need review or improvement
  • Participate in any all lead meetings for debriefing as required
  • Create project plan for following Nowhere

Which department does this role belong to:

City Planning

Required Skills

  • Proficient in English
  • Experience of volunteering at Nowhere or a similar festival
  • Strong communication skills
  • Able to arrive on-site early for set-up (during build) and stay late for strike
  • Able to work in the harsh conditions of the desert 
  • Self-reliant, motivated 
  • Willingness to learn new things

Bonus skills

  • Experience in managing a team of volunteers
  • Project management skills
  • Creatively minded
  • Proficiency in Spanish, French, or any other languages


  • Support and guidance from your MetaLead, co-Lead, and Team members
  • The warm glow of being part of the Malfare team and the wider NOrg family
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are playing a big part in making Nowhere participants’ experience safer and happier and contributing to the success of Nowhere
  • The opportunity to buy your ticket before the general sale next year
  • Swag (team patches and other exciting things) (details TBA…)