Oversee Nowhere being put into boxes and cleared away from site after the event.

When the event is done, we start something else : the Strike is here to managed the strikers: all humans deconstructing Norg structures and making sure we leave the place as empty as we found it.

Skills Required/Desired:
  • Experience of volunteering at Nowhere or a similar event
  • Experience of inventory control & timeline creation
  • Can stay for strike
  • Strong communication skills / Experience of managing volunteers
  • Knowledge of festival infrastructure construction
  • Fluency in English / Desired: Fluency in a second language (Spanish, French, Italian, German)
What Nice Skills You Could Learn:
  • Working under pressure, tiredness and hot weather
  • Managing humans
  • Creating haddock planning adjustment
  • Reacting to unexpected event
  • Delegate
Extra Benefit:
  • Experiencing the true meaning and power of a community

Which department this role belong to:

Build, design & strike managment

What kind of job it is:

Co-lead : the role in shared with an other human.

TIME Commitment:

Year round: pre-event, on site and post-event.

Onsite/ strike only: you will have to stay for strike.