Roles to be filled


Year round


You are the website ( content manager. 

Norg is made by a lot of humans who are in charged of a piece of “what is Nowhere”. In order to make the website reflect that reality, you will have to “extract” information from those humans and update the relevant page/section/translations.

Tasks and time commitment

This is a year-round role, which means we need your help all year long. As the event gets closer, there will be more tasks to do for each team. This role would ideally suit 2 people, and maybe even a third person.


  • Make sure content is up to date.
  • Send requests to all Norg leads to make them give you their new text/content.
  • Make the yearly-recurrent updates. Eg: Tickets infos updates, dates updates… Don’t worry we listed all of them somwhere.
  • Create some upgrades/evolvement projects to make it better (shinier, more inclusive, easier to manage…).
  • Optional : redo the website entirely 😉

Pre-event (january-june)

  • 1-2h every 2 weeks (More time when you do a call for a content update or when there is a recruitment process)

On-Site ( july)

  • Nothing, nada, nichts, non rien de rien

Post-Event (august to december)

  • You decide, depending on the upgrade project you want to initiate.


Interest or questions? Mail to and we will contact you and try to setup a short online (max. 30 min.) meeting preferably within 7 days.

This meeting is for getting to know each other, tell a bit about the comms department; what it does, how it’s organised and answer any questions. 

Give all the information needed for someone to decide if they want to be a member of the comms & web team.

Which department does this role belong to:


Responsible to​

Comms’ Lead


Make sure this website get all the love it need.


Comms, Barrios, Consent, Volunteering and almost every teams

Required Skills​

  • You understand English (written)
  • (Desired) Experience of WordPress & Elementor
  • (Desired) Patience & pugnacity 

What Nice Things You Could Learn:

  • Managing a website with content input from 50 differents humans: if you survived it, then you can be the website content manager of any website. Yes yes.
  • How to say “NO”. Some volunteers are gonna ask you to put their content “above” others.