Role to be filled

Make sure this website get all the love it need.

You are the website ( content manager. 

Norg is made by a lot of humans who are in charged of a piece of “what is Nowhere”. In order to make the website reflect that reality, you will have to “extract” information from those humans and update the relevant page/section/translations.

You are:
  • A tiny geek but not so much. (No coding is needed to update that website, its a CMS.)
  • Super keen to make this website a nice & practical place to find serious info about Nowhere.
You will:
  • Make sure content is up to date.
  • Send requests to all Norg leads to make them give you their new text/content.
  • Make the yearly-recurrent updates. Eg: Tickets infos updates, dates updates… Don’t worry we listed all of them somwhere.
  • Create some upgrades/evolvement projects to make it better (shinier, more inclusive, easier to manage…).
  • Optional : redo the website entirely 😉
Skills Required/Desired:
  • You understand English (written)
  • (Desired) Experience of WordPress & Elementor
  • (Desired) Patience & pugnacity 
What Nice Things You Could Learn:
  • Managing a website made in 5 languages with content input from 50 differents humans: if you survived it, then you can be the website content manager of any website. Yes yes.
  • How to say “NO”. Some volunteers are gonna ask you to put their content “above” others.
What (not) Nice Things You Could discover but hack:
  • WordPress is not the solution we need. But, the good thing is:  its up to you to get rid of it!
Extra Benefits:
  • You could make a Nowhere communication tool better!

Which department does this role belong to:


What kind of job it is:

Lead and Co-lead (share the work with an other human)

TIME Commitment:

Year round role (Off site)

  • Pre-event (january-june)
    • 1-2h every 2 weeks (More time when you do a call for a content update or when there is a recruitment process)
  • On-Site ( july)
    • Nothing, nada, nichts, non rien de rien
  • Post-Event (august to december)
    • You decide, depending on the upgrade project you want to initiate.