Role to be filled

Welfare Lead(S)

Year Round And On Site


Welfare is a sober, calm space provided during Nowhere event week for participants who are overwhelmed or need support. It is staffed by Shift Leads and Shift Volunteers (sometimes called “Welfairies”) and run by two Welfare Leads.

You will be responsible for planning for and providing the Welfare provision. The role is year round, although most planning is done from Jan-July, and includes the set up of the Welfare space, keeping Welfare running smoothly during event week, then wrapping up, leaving everything in a good state for the next year.

You will work with a fellow Co-Lead, so tasks are shared and there is no single point of failure.

Tasks and Time commitment

This is a year round role, and planning typically starts from January. The month before the event is usually the busiest, and after the event there are some wrap-up tasks before a lull until the cycle starts again.

During the event Welfare Shift Leads and Welfare Volunteers provide 24/7 cover via a rota, and the Welfare Leads only need to be around to deal with anything that is escalated to them. You of course may also do rota shifts if you wish.

Here’s an example of *some* of the tasks you’ll be helping with throughout the year;

Pre-Event Jan-Feb

  • If new, get “on boarded” by your MetaLead, and meet your fellow Welfare Lead via online meetings
  • Discuss and decide your budget requirements for the coming year (previous years budgets are available for reference.)
  • Discuss and decide whether further Welfare team roles would be useful, and if so produce role descriptions and work with Comms to advertise.
  • Set up FIST (our online volunteer management platform) with the shifts and numbers of volunteers you need (you will get guidance if you need it.)

Pre-Event March-April

  • Keep an eye on FIST to make sure volunteers are signing up to shifts
  • Communicate with your MetaLead and the Comms Team about recruitment needs / post on social media to advertise roles
  • Communicate with Survival Guide and Census Leads to ensure both documents meet the needs of Welfare
  • Participate in online meetings with your co-Lead and MetaLead as required

Pre-Event May-June

  • Keep an eye on FIST to make sure volunteers are signing up to shifts
  • Work with the Comms Team and your MetaLead to increase the promotion of shifts available to try and get any gaps filled
  • Produce a “shopping list” (purchase list) of items which will be required by Welfare during the event, mostly consumables and decor, and send to Purchasing
  • Produce any required training materials
  • Plan on-site and online Shift Lead and Shift Volunteer training (run either by yourself, or by a volunteer you have recruited)
  • Run, or oversee the running of, online training sessions for Shift Leads and Shift Volunteers
  • Respond to queries from volunteers and organise Early Entry (EE) passes for any who need to arrive before Gate opens
  • Print off rotas and any other required documents
  • Participate in online meetings with your co-Lead and MetaLead, and others, as required

On-Site July

  • The Welfare Structure will have been built by the Build Team. You will have two days to then set up the space and prepare for opening. You can either do this yourself or recruit a volunteer
  • Run, or oversee the running of, on-site training sessions for Shift Leads and Shift Volunteers
  • Talk with NoInfo if you still need to recruit volunteers to fill shifts
  • Ensure the smooth running of Welfare, keeping in touch with Shift Leads so you are aware of any issues, and working to resolve those
  • Liaise with Malfare, Nomads, Inclusion, Red Cross, and any other teams as appropriate
  • At the end of the event, pack away everything from the Welfare Structure (or ensure someone else does) and take an inventory.


  • Take part in the Census
  • Provide written feedback in the form of a Post Nowhere Report (PNR) and in a wrap up meeting with your team and MetaLead as appropriate
  • Attend the annual All Leads Meeting (ALM) in Barcelona if possible.

Which department does this role belong to


Required Skills

  • Fluent(ish) in English
  • Must have experience of volunteering for Welfare, at Nowhere or similar event, ideally more than one or two shifts
  • Must understand and uphold the aims and ethos of Welfare services
  • Experience of volunteer management or using people skills in a team
  • Patience, compassion, and calm under stress
  • Passionate about Nowhere and Welfare
  • Organised and keen to Get Stuff Done!
  • Strong communication skills
  • Basic IT skills: Spreadsheets, social media, a willingness to work with FIST

Bonus Skills

  • Has previously been a Welfare Shift Lead, at Nowhere or similar event
  • Experience in delivering training
  • Loves Zoom meetings
  • Speaks Spanish and/or French

Responsible to

Participant Wellness Meta-Lead

Responsible for

 Welfare Volunteers


  • Swag (team patches and other exciting things)
  • Other very exciting shiny things soon to be announced – keep an eye out!
  • Support and guidance from your MetaLead, co-Lead, and team members
  • The warm glow of being part of the Welfare team and the wider NOrg family
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are playing a big part in making Nowhere participants’ experience safer and happier and contributing to the success of Nowhere
  • A chance to try something you wouldn’t normally – step out of that comfort zone & grow!
  • A pre-event only role (unless you choose to help more)