Role to be filled

Werkhaüs | Lead

Year round and on site


First to come! Last to pull out! Werkhaüs is home for those who create the Nowhere we love and adore – the volunteers. During the event these are paying campers, who enjoy delicious food from La Cantina (the volunteer kitchen) and drinks from the bar while relaxing under our giant shade structure in between shifts.
Everyone at Werkhaüs volunteers for a variety of roles and shifts during the event. We work hard & play harder.

The Werkhaüs lead is responsible for ensuring Werkhaüs is the best possible home for our precious volunteers. They have overall responsibility for coordinating the layout of Werkhaüs, ensuring all facilities are provided (shade, bar, DJ, fluffer station, showers, water, camping etc). The Werkhaüs Lead sets the budget for the volunteers who pay to stay at Werkhaüs and works with the R&R Metalead, Cantina Lead, Bar Lord, Build Lead and Fluff Lead to set the overall budget required for volunteer services for the entire event. The Werkhaüs Lead works with the geeks to collect registration information and barrio fees.

The Werkhaüs Lead is responsible to ensure all volunteer shifts relating to Werkhaus are filled in advance of the event.

Tasks and Time Commitment

LIST OF TASKS (A non-exhaustive list of the tasks your for this role, divided into three generic stages of Nowhere – pre/onsite/post event – each year certain tasks may change, become irrelevant, or a redundancy depending on changes in policy and procedures within Nowhere) :


  • Set and agree to budget
  • Create online registration form and put online
  • Collect barrio fees
  • Plan Werkhaüs layout and build schedule
  • Set volunteer schedule
  • Fill all volunteer shifts for the camp
  • Register Werkhaüs are a barrio
  • Ensure bar, kitchen and fluff have all ordered supplies and filled volunteer shifts
  • Organise placement
  • Order any required infrastructure, materials or supplies
  • Liaise with other teams to ensure the requirements for Werkhaus are being met
  • Make sure all volunteers are offered the opportunity to camp with Werkhaüs during the event.
  • Order Werkhaüs schwag (wristbands, patches, stencils etc)


  • Ensure Werkhaüs is built safely
  • Ensure interior is built on time
  • Oversee implementation of power, water, sound, showers, kitchen equipment etc
  • Welcome volunteers to Werkhaüs
  • Ensure Werkhaüs is a welcoming, pleasant place to be
  • Include newcomers – create a team/family spirit
  • Register Werkhaüs barrio members
  • Ensure people are aware of their volunteer shifts and are able to complete them
  • Express gratitude to everyone, make them feel supported and valued
  • Strike Werkhaüs after the event
  • Make sure inventory is done


  • Complete Post Nowhere Report
  • Provide an actual budget spend report


Which department does this role belong to:

Recruitment & Relationships

Required Skills

  • Organisation skills
  • Computer literate (spreadsheets and other)
  • Budgeting
  • Liaise with others
  • Planning
  • Calm under pressure
  • Ordering supplies
  • Leadership
  • Volunteer management and support

Bonus skills

  • Spanish speaking (for supplier liaison)
  • Creative


  • Support and guidance from NOrg and Team members
  • Play a central role for NOrg  ppl on site
  • The warm glow of being part of the NOrg family
  • The opportunity to buy your ticket before the general sale next year
  • Swag (team patches and other exciting things) (details TBA…)