23 days until build, it’s getting real

Fellow Nobodies, it won’t be long until the build teams are heading to site to make our party in the desert come to life! In fact, it’s only 23 days until the first Nobodies will be on site!

Speaking of party, we have some info for you below:

🔥 Exciting News! The 2023 Nowhere Survival Guide is here! 🔥

Attention fellow Nobodies! We are thrilled to announce that the much-awaited 2023 Nowhere Survival Guide is now available for you to download!

Whether you’re a veteran nobody or a first-time adventurer, this guide is your go-to resource for navigating and surviving Nowhere. Packed with invaluable tips and practical advice on every page. Read it cover to cover at least once. Maybe things have changed? Maybe you refresh something? Maybe we have new wisdom to share?

Learn how to thrive amidst and against the elements and pack everything you need for survival. Find the route on how to get in and come back from Nowhere. Familiarize yourself with our safety procedures, LNT, gate procedure, volunteering and so much more. This is the official authority on how to survive. And this is not a joke. Go and read it at least once!

Don’t miss out on this essential resource! Download your 2023 Survival Guide today.

We’re excited to announce that translations of our Survival Guide into Spanish (ES), French (FR), German (DE), Italian (IT), and Dutch (NL) are in the making, more news on that soon!

Participate in Middle of Nowhere (MoN)

This isn’t some backyard BBQ, folks. We’re talking about a BIG red stretch tent that provides shade, beautiful deco, sound and light equipment, and a beautiful crew to support your technical needs. A wet dream for creators that’ll take you to the edge of the horizon and back.

We’re inviting all you cool cats and flower children to come and create with us in the middle of the playa. Host events that showcase your talents and ideas, or just to hang out and connect with other nobodies. We’re open to your applications and suggestions, to fill MoN with workshops, performances, parties, and whatever else that comes to mind.

The Middle of Nowhere (MoN) is back this year, and we are ready to embark on a new journey with you. 🎪

We can’t wait to share this groovy experience with you!

– MoN team

Consent Committee Online presentation

Wednesday, May 31, 2023 19:00 UK / 20:00 CET

We’re inviting the Nowhere community to join us for an online presentation of the Consent Committee’s principles and protocols. Four members of the committee (KreveTTe, Tamara and Daniel) will present the year-round work of the Consent Committee and how it addresses sexual assault and other anti-social behavior that goes against Nowhere’s Code of Conduct to make the event safer for all of us.

On site volunteering highlights – come join us!


If you’re more of a things person than a people person and want an alternative to Nomad-ing (although we still need those too!), then why not look into being a Site Lead or on the site maintenance crew during event time?

Site Leads have an eye out for infrastructure, deliveries, and things that aren’t people. They will get called when there’s a problem to fix – and assign the right team (Site Maintenance or someone else) to go and fix it!
If you want to look cool in a High Viz jacket and your own radio and are able to be responsible and sober for the shift then sign up via FIST!

Shifts are 8.5 hours long but you will get fully trained, will get fed at Cantina AND you get some pretty shiny schwag! (see below!)

Site Maintenance crew do odd jobs like securing fire boxes, moving wood etc and is an ‘on call’ shift so you only get radioed if you’re needed!

Anyone who signs up for the above shifts will get a beautiful black bum bag (ooooooo)

Email volunteers@goingnowhere.org with any questions or use the button below to sign up using FIST
Sign up here


Detailed information will follow once the bus tickets go on sale. Stay tuned to our social media and the newsletter for more information.

To organize the buses we need 2 volunteers on each bus – the so-called Bus Ladies & Lords (or Bus Liege for our non-binary volunteers). This shift is going to count as a regular volunteer shift for the event.

The Bus Ladies & Lords & Lieges will be in contact with the Bus Leads before, during and after the drive to Nowhere and will be responsible for:

  • Checking-in the passengers on each bus
  • Talking to the driver
  • Coordinating with Bus Leads for possible troubleshooting
  • Problem-solving (in case the hippies miss their bus, etc.)

If you are interested in volunteering as a Bus Lady or Lord or Liege please email volunteers@goingnowhere.org to apply!