Build Project Lead(s)

Year round and on site (build only)

Head up teams of people building various structures


Build Design and Strike Management (BDSM) needs awesome folks to oversee the construction of Nowhere infrastructure projects including Gate/Greeters, La Cantina, No Info, and Ohana House, Middle of Nowhere, Malfare and much more. If you want to lead one of our build teams, have excellent project management and people wrangling skills, and don’t mind spending a month in the dirt making something magical happen then this might be the role for you. 

You are

  • Able to arrive on-site early for set-up and stay a few days after to handover to Strike Leads
  • Familiar with how Nowhere builds its structures and shade or have worked on festival construction previously
  • Knowledgeable about tool use, handling, care, safety, and maintenance/repair

You will

  • Work year round with a co-lead to plan and manage Build projects
  • Work closely with the Volunteer Coordinator to recruit and manage volunteers
  • Work with the City Planning and Placement teams to help shape the layout of Nowhere

Skills Required/Desired

  • Knowledge of festival infrastructure construction
  • Creating plan (structural drawings)
  • Fluency in English
  • Desired: Fluency in a second language (Spanish, French, Italian, German)

What Nice Skills You Could Learn

  • Working under pressure, tiredness and hot weather
  • Managing humans
  • Reacting to unexpected event
  • Delegate

Extra Benefits

  • Experiencing the true meaning and power of a community

Which department this role belong to:

Build, design & strike managment

What kind of job it is:


TIME Commitment:

Year round: pre-event, on site and post-event.

On site/Build only

Connected Roles & Teams:

Production, Volunteers, SLAP, Toolhaus, City planning