Role to be filled

Cantina Co-Metalead

Year Round and on site

What’s Cantina? This is where volunteers go to get their meal while working their shifts! So Cantina provides food to individuals onsite during the event including setup and strike.


La Cantina is the beating heart of Nowhere, providing food and refreshments (and coffee) for burners for up to 6 weeks through Build, Event time and Strike through the amazing Fluffers and Cantina Kitchen teams.

Our current MetaLead needs a helping hand in making all the yummy food for Nowhere! The Co-MetaLead will be able to volunteer year round but doesn’t have to be on build during build and strike (but it would be nice).

The role is to help manage a team of Cantina Leads (ideally a minimum of 12 people) and provide them with the information, support and guidance they need to make great food, keep (most) people happy and manage their own volunteers. The current MetaLead will give you a full induction and information when you sign up – your first year as MetaLead will involve a lot of planning and learning on the job!

Tasks and time commitment

As this is a year-round role, the time commitment will vary depending on the needs of the event and your own responsibilities / availability. As with most things at Burns, it is what you make it! We really would love someone who is keen to get stuck in and get that work experience or someone who is already used to professional kitchens.

The MetaLeads are the link between Cantina, NOrg and the other departments. You will have a team of year-round Leads and a set of Leads who work only a specified period (build, event or strike). You will also need to be available to attend a MetaLeads committee meeting once a month (in the evening, online) to share updates and blockers and take part in general decisions. You will also need to chair regular meetings with your department.

Pre-Event January-February

  • Meet with your year-round leads to discuss plans and split into 3 sub-teams
  • Help the sub-teams choose the food providers
  • Guide your teams to set up FIST for recruitment of volunteers
  • Start advertising for any roles you need to fill

Pre-Event March-April

  • Guide your teams to be able to write menus and recipes
  • Communicate with Comms team about recruitment needs
  • Approve your team’s shopping list and manage the budget effectively, following the purchasing process.

Pre-Event April-Build

  • Make sure your teams are prepared to go on site, all orders are placed etc
  • Make sure all kitchen crew are inducted and on site leads know what they are doing
  • Make sure all Fluffers team are inducted
  • Help your Leads deal with any issues as they arise

During Setup, Event and Strike

  • Support Co-MetaLead and the Leads team either remotely or on site,
    making last-minute calls, helping solve issues,
  • Participate in any on-site meetings relevant to your role covering lead shifts if needed
  • Communicating recruitment needs effectively
  • Gathering feedback from your Leads and kitchen volunteer teams

Post Event September-December

  • Attend MetaLead meetings
  • Attend ALM
  • Fill in evaluation forms
  • Start process again!!

Which department does this role belong to

La Cantina

Required Skills

  • Fluent-ish in English
  • Spreadsheet warrior
  • Volunteer or teams management
  • Has been to Nowhere at least once
  • Problem solver
  • Flexible and adaptable to change
  • Very good communication skills
  • Passionate about great food
  • Able to commit to a year round role

Bonus skills

  • Has already been a volunteer/lead at Cantina
  • Has already been a volunteer/ lead for Fluff
  • Experience in cooking for lots of people
  • Experience in managing stocks
  • Speak French, Spanish


Project Manager, Directors


Leads and teams in your department


  • Swag (team patches and other exciting things)
  • Other very exciting shiny things soon to be announced – keep an eye out!