Role to be filled

Creativity Escorts

year round (Pre event)


Escorting the art projects coming to Nowhere.

Tasks and time commitment

This is a pre event role, primarily email work, communicating with artists in collaboration with the rest of the Escorts team.

Volunteers should be nice, patient people, with OK technical skills (should be able to handle emailing, and status tracking and logging in a spreadsheet), who care about art/artists.

Moderate English is fine; extra languages are a bonus as we sometimes communicate with the artists in French or in Dutch; and we’re open to other languages of course.

Workload estimate is a couple of hours per week (all online), from February to June.

Which department does this role belong to:


Required Skills

  • Patience
  • Email handling
  • Familiar with Google Drive, Docs, Sheets etc
  • Caring about art/artists

Bonus skills

  • Willingness to help out wherever you can
  • Fluent in English and another language (Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Italian)


  • Meet the artists and the art team at Nowhere
  • New friends from all corners of the world
  • A chance to step out of your comfort zone & grow