Role to be filled

Creativity | Fire/Gas Safety Officer

Year round And On Site


Make sure fire and gas usage in all Art installations and Artomobiles is inspected and deemed safe!
Help pre-event with organizing a centralized purchase of propane.

Tasks and time commitment

Pre Event: Answer (via email) any fire and gas safety questions which artists may have.
Liaise with the Site and Logistics Coordinator to make a centralized purchase of propane bottles.

On Site: You will be responsible for checking the Art installations and Artmobiles that have propane/butane flame effects (poofers, cannons, torches etc.) and signing them off as safe, or offering advice on how to fix them if they are not safe.

Note that having done this professionally in the past or having a certification is preferred at least for the main person in this role. Assistants/shadows that want to learn on the job are also useful but without at least one professional we are in trouble (this being somewhat permit-related).

Clarification:  this role has nothing to do with checking Barrios’ butane kitchen stoves for safety. That’s a different role and not under Creativity.

Which department does this role belong to


Required Skills

  • Patience
  • Email handling
  • Caring about art/artists

Bonus skills

  • Professional experience in fire safety or certification for inspecting gas works.
  • Fluent in English and Spanish.


  • Meet the Art Team at Nowhere
  • New friends around the world
  • Mansterwheel privileges 🔥