Role to be filled

Demarcation | Lead

On Site


Wanna build up the city? Desire to shape our magical town? Want to work in the dust? We need someone to guide our team that is pounding rebar, placing signs, and placing red-white tape and orange safety mesh all over the site. Do think you can help demarcate our city?

Fun part: driving around site, work with our electric hammer, making the city look like a fortress.

One week before the event, on the Monday we start with the teams. taking the signs out of the container. Signs will be organized by use.

During that one week before the event, the signs team makes the signs that are needed for Nowhere, the demarcation team helps the signs team with placing them and at some times with assisting where needed when they must wait.

Then a generator, electric rebar pounder, are used to place rebar. Rebar placement happens at the edges of site perimeter, barranca, gate, free camping etc.

After placing the rebar which functions as posts, red-white tape will be attached to the rebars. Red-white tape is also called idiot tape. You will find out on site why it’s called like that 😉

Alternatively, orange mesh is used to demarcate placed where no access is permitted.

Tasks and Time commitment


  • Confirm arrival and departure dates with signage lead to ensure early access is arranged.
  • Arrange a digital meeting with volunteers

During Setup, Event and Strike

  • Be on site the Monday morning a week before the event.
  • Help the signage team orientating where what signs go where
  • Work with Signage Lead and placement team on placement of orange mesh and idiot tape
  • Prepare strike team for disassemble signs following Nowhere, packing signs, rebar, idiot tape and mesh, to make an inventory
  • Liaise with the City Planning Strike Team on what is where, especially the signs outside the site boundaries

Post Event

  • Take part in the Census.
  • Provide written feedback in the form of a Post Nowhere Report (PNR) and in a wrap up meeting with your team as appropriate.
  • Attend the annual All Leads Meeting (ALM) in Barcelona if possible.

Which department does this role belong to

City Planning

Required Skills

  • Proficient in English
  • Experience of volunteering
  • Valid driver license in Spain
  • Strong communication skills
  • Able to arrive on-site early for set-up and stay for strike

Bonus Skills

  • Creatively minded
  • Team work experience

Responsible to

City Planning MetaLead

Responsible for

Guiding the team that is pounding rebar, placing signs, and placing red-white tape and orange safety mesh all over the site.


  • Support and guidance from your Leads and Team Members
  • The warm glow of being part of the Welfare Team and the wider NOrg family
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are playing a big part in making Nowhere participants’ experience safer and happier and contributing to the success of Nowhere
  • The opportunity to buy your ticket before the general sale next year