Roles to be filled


Year round And On Site


We are looking for Directors to join the team at Nowhere to carry out our vision of having an event for many years to come. Celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2024 is a big milestone, and we need new members to bring fresh ideas and skills to the table so we can continue for another 20 years!

We are particularly looking for Directors who better reflect our current Nowhere community; French, German or Spanish people who are passionate about making Nowhere happen (but obviously applications welcome from anyone who fits the requirements!)

What do Directors do?

Directors manage the big picture; they are responsible for strategic planning and have the final decision making power. They keep the event ethos in mind while empowering the leadership team (MetaLeads) through mentorship and guidance.) Directors are also responsible for hiring contractors, company filings and the health and safety of all participants. They also complete some operational duties as required to meet deadlines, cover vacancies and minimize disruption to the event.

This will be a great role for someone with leadership skills wanting to try something different, or fantastic experience for someone wanting to get into leadership in the ‘default’ world (as Nowhere can provide a reference!)

Tasks and time commitment

This role has a three-year time commitment and there will be tasks to complete all year-round, but the bigger the team, the more this can be split between team members. Currently there are three directors, we would like to recruit 2-3 more for the 2024 event season. We are looking for people with good knowledge of Nowhere as an event, are fluent in English, are good at working in a team and making group decisions. The Directors should be able to attend Nowhere at least once every two years, but be able to work year-round even if not able to attend.

It is expected that pre event and post event, the time commitment will be 5-10 hours per week minimum, with some availability during Spanish business hours. On site, you should be available for setup or strike to help operationally as a volunteer and then during the event you will be on call and needed to do at least two Site Lead shifts.

Here’s the tasks you would be getting involved with:

Pre Event:

  • Attend remote monthly Directors meetings
  • Participate in staff appraisals / performance reviews (quarterly/annual)
  • Provide support, guidance and line management to MetaLeads and Coordinators.
  • Attend monthly MetaLead committee meetings
  • Respond to emails in timely fashion
  • Support with Legal / Financial issues as they arise

During Event:

  • Attend setup or strike as a volunteer and be on call for any issues
  • Work at least 2 event time volunteer shifts
  • Be available for any urgent decisions

Post Event:

  • Attend monthly Directors Meetings
  • Attend the annual All Leads Meeting
  • Review Post Nowhere Reports and Annual Accounts

How to Apply

Please email with a detailed application letter of how you meet the above criteria and why Nowhere would benefit from you being a Director.
This step will be followed by an invitation to an interview with a panel.

Which department does this role belong to


Required Skills

  • 3 year commitment
  • Good knowledge of Nowhere event
  • From the community with experience in a leadership role
  • Will attend Nowhere at least once every two years.
  • Is fluent or nearly-fluent in English
  • Able to work in a team
  • Ability to make decisions as part of a group
  • Responds to emails on a timely basis
  • Available for monthly and ad hoc e-meetings
  • Able to attend at least 2 in-person meetings per year
  • Participates as a volunteer during setup and/or strike
  • Fulfill at least two event time volunteer shifts

Bonus skills

  • Command of Spanish language
  • At least one Director to be based in Spain (or able to get to Sarinena/Barcelona regularly)
  • Has an ability for lateral thinking and creative problem solving
  • Has a sense of the greater vision and ability to keep long term strategy in mind.
  • Has an understanding and appreciation of various roles within Nowhere
  • Available to participate in the annual All Leads Meeting


  • Discover how the efforts of many, when correctly coordinated, create wonderful results.
  • Learn firsthand how various pieces of Nowhere fit together.
  • Gain project management skills.