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Finance | MetaLead

Year round And On Site


This very important Finance MetaLead role will help the Coordinators, Directors and other MetaLeads keep the pennies adding up so we can have a great event each year.

Working alongside the Finance and Legal Coordinator and in contact with the company accountant, they will be keeping track of finance activities including budgets, accounts payable/receivable, filing tax returns, equipment hire and making sure NOrg is financially accountable.

We are looking for two people to join the team as MetaLead and Co-MetaLead to share the load. If you’re a numbers and spreadsheets person with strong organizational skills and some level of experience of managing finance or accountancy processes (especially in Spain) then please get in touch.

Tasks and time commitment

As this is a year round role, the time commitment will vary depending on the needs of the event and your own responsibilities. However, it is likely for this role that you will need to be available up to 20 hours a month and potentially around 10 hours a week most months once settled into the role. This is a brand new role so the first year we will be experimenting and finding out what works.

We really would love someone who is keen to get stuck in and get that work experience or someone who is already used to professional administration and accountancy. MetaLeads are the link between Finance, NOrd and the other departments. You will have a team of Leads across Purchasing, Admin and Finance to support and help with tasks.

MetaLeads need to be able to attend a MetaLeads committee meeting once a month (online, in the evening) to share updates, blockers and general decisions around Nowhere 2024.

Here’s the tasks you would be getting involved with:

Pre Event:

Monthly/ regular tasks

  • Participate in monthly MetaLead committee meetings as a link between the Finance department and NOrg, giving updates to the other MetaLeads, Directors and Coordinators on any issues in the department.
  • Attend Directors and MetaLeads meetings monthly to report on current financial position.
  • Work with accountants to file quarterly and annual tax returns.
  • Ensure that monthly reports from bank accounts and credit cards are downloaded, identified, catalogued and provided to accountants.
  • Ensure all invoices and payments are recorded and provided to accountants
  • Recruit and manage leads and volunteers for finance functions including purchasing and on site finance logistics.
  • Ensure the leads in your department receive updates and information relevant to them carrying out their role
  • Support leads in your department to ensure they are able to carry out their roles, resolve any issues that might arise (including covering vacancies as needed), and provide any guidance and support as and when needed
  • Participate in any other planning meetings relevant to your role
  • Liaise with the Production Manager for keeping in line with the timelines established for the department.

October – March

  • Work closely with MetaLeads of each department to create and agree on budgets including collaboration with Directors and Finance Coordinator on overall annual budget
  • Monitor budget including notifying Directors of any risk areas
  • Investigate ways to streamline finance and purchasing processes and identify opportunities for cost effective spending and ensuring value for money

March – July

  • Support the Finance and Legal Coordinator on the Purchase department needs including purchasing of equipment and materials for annual Nowhere event and liaise with relevant departments on needs and timelines.
  • Ensure payment of services and fees including but not limited to insurance, permits, Red Cross, safe house rental, and on-site toilet maintenance

During Event:

  • Provide support to teams in your department (including covering vacancies as needed)
  • Ensure that all incoming and outgoing revenue is reported, suppliers are paid upon delivery of service, on site cash is stored securely, and barrios reimburse any Nowhere spend on container/cabin transportation and that shared expenses are fairly divided
  • Assist with volunteer registration and coordination as and when needed.
  • Regularly check in with other MetaLeads and act as the point of contact for your department when needed
  • Participate in any on site meetings relevant to your role
  • Carry out any site management shift as agreed

Post Event:

  • Work with Creativity Department to ensure that art grant payments are made in a timely manner, recorded and any relevant information and documentation is provided to accountants
  • Ensure that all outstanding invoices for equipment, services, and materials are paid and recorded
  • Provide feedback and highlight any areas that may need review or improvement including the Post Nowhere Report
  • Participate in the Annual Leads Meeting (ALM)
  • Create project plan (timeline) for following Nowhere
  • Create yearly reports and post event financial summaries for publication on Nowhere website

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Required Skills

  • Good with numbers
  • Existing accountancy skills
  • Flexible and adaptable to change
  • Problem solver
  • Strong organization skills and easy use of basic admin formats
  • Very good communication skills
  • IT skills including using Google Drive, Zoom, Slack, and Excel
  • Fluent in English
  • Experience of managing a team of volunteers
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Be able to cope with stress
  • Able to commit to a year round role

Bonus skills

  • Willingness to help out wherever you can
  • Experience of recruiting volunteers
  • Experience of working collaboratively
  • Spanish speaker desired.


  • Discover how the efforts of many, when correctly coordinated, create wonderful results.
  • Learn firsthand how various pieces of Nowhere fit together.
  • Gain project management skills.