‘Art takes Nowhere from just being a party in the desert to being an amazing, unique event.’

Art and creativity are core to Nowhere.
They are an important aspect of what sets it apart from other events.
We would like to thank you for considering bringing art to Nowhere!


Our aims and your guidelines

One way Nowhere supports creative activity is by offering a limited number of financial grants, meant to refund some of the expenses incurred while creating an art piece. This year Nowhere is offering grants for up to €3000.

  1. Read the information below to learn about what type of projects we fund and what you need to do to apply. We will be measuring your application against these criteria and if you haven’t read the guidelines, you might find your application rejected for simple reasons. Think your application through carefully and make sure you meet all the criteria.
  2. Send a short Letter of Intent to (optional but recommended, especially if you are requesting a large grant).
  3. Prepare your full application with the criteria here to guide you.
  4. Fill out the registration form to apply. You can submit extra supporting materials (drawings, photos, videos, etc.) via email to (optional). You will find the link to the form below.

You can request any amount of money you need, up to €3000.
We appreciate people who try to keep their costs as low as possible and who make the most of our funding, so please be reasonable.

We stress the importance of submitting as early as possible to increase your chances of getting fully funded. Projects who submit first have a better chance of being fully funded than those who submit at the last minute, since our funds inevitably tend to run out as we approach May.

If you have a big idea but don’t have enough details yet, please submit a letter of intent, so we can reserve some funds for you until you submit your full proposal. Remember: in the letter of intent you must tell us at which date you will send in your full proposal.

Applications received after the after the deadline will most likely be denied or simply ignored.

As you prepare your application, remember:

  • Please only apply for the amount you need. This will allow us to fund as many projects as possible.
  • Leave no Trace is an integral part of Nowhere. Make sure you consider this when planning your project. Leave enough time to make sure your project site is completely clean and take all rubbish and materials* with you.  If you would like to donate some of your materials so that they are available to artists next year, please notify us ahead, pre event if you can or upon building your piece on site so we can confirm if we have sufficient storage space and anticipate in our end as well.

We know you’re eager to learn the result of your application but remember that we are a team of volunteers and need some time to review applications. We will try our best to respond within 3 weeks after we receive your submission.

If you are awarded a grant, here are a few things to keep in mind (after you celebrate):

  • Start fundraising: Nowhere Art Grants only cover a limited category of expenses (see below). You will most likely need to find additional funds to pay for the remaining costs. If you are unsure how to do this, we have put together a page with tips for crowdfunding campaigns.
  • Save your receipts: We only pay grants after the event, after you have submitted valid receipts for eligible expenses.
    You are responsible for submitting your receipts to us by the 15th of October following the event.
    We reserve the right to not refund artists who submit their documentation later than this date.
  • The final payment of the grant may not be the same amount as what we offer initially:
    •  if your documented expenses are lower than what you projected in the estimated budget that you submitted, Nowhere will only reimburse you up to the actual amount spent.
    • If your project expenses are higher than you projected, Nowhere can only reimburse you the original grant award amount. (Unfortunately we can’t make extra funds magically appear, otherwise we would!)

What type of art do we prefer to fund ?

It is our aim to support diverse, eclectic and inspiring art projects. We strive to have a balance of physical, performance and static art.

We encourage both experienced and less experienced artists to apply.

  • A wide range of projects (in terms of media and impact), from a wide range of people, all delivered effectively
  • Both large- and small-scale projects
  • Projects that respond well to the particular and unique environment of the event
  • Art that is designed with an eye to sustainability
  • Art that raises awareness about social/environmental/cultural issues
  • Participatory art, that is to say art which requires human interaction to be complete, which prompts people to interact with one another, responds to participants and/or the environment, causes people to reflect on the larger community, and/or it belongs to the public and exists for the benefit of all.

Participatory projects might include:

  • Projects that engage with or cross the language barrier
  • Projects that work strongly with themes of group identity
  • Performances
  • Projects that bring disparate groups of people together
  • Projects that facilitate other people making art
  • Projects that are inspirational and that go beyond decoration or being ‘just’ spectacular (event though there is nothing wrong with that)
  • Projects that don’t benefit the community.
  • Projects that are part of a barrio/theme camp
  • Venues or spaces that could be considered a camp. Any participant must be able to come across an art project and see it as an independent piece of art, rather than mistake it for a communal structure or a theme camp (generally defined by having DJs/music at night).
  • Spaces or vehicles that are also living spaces for the artist, as no camping is allowed by our permit in the area where art is located.

What expenses does an art grant cover ?

Everyone bringing art to Nowhere is expected to do so with a spirit of gifting and not expecting to make any kind of profit.

You come to Nowhere to enjoy and share, not to work and make money.

Within this context, the art grants are simply meant to cover some of your costs, when buying the materials to build your creations and bring them to Nowhere is too much for your to afford on your own.

  • Materials which appear in the budget section of your art grant proposal (they don’t have to be exactly the same, but be reasonably similar)
  • A part of your transport costs, including vehicle rental, fuel, tolls and other transport related expenses. Please note that all invoices and receipts you submit for travel expenses have to be approximately along a straightforward route from your location to the event and back.
  • Workshop, storage or rehearsal space fees, when justified by the needs of the project. We will discuss this with you and take a decision on a case by case basis.
  • Services from 3rd parties for specialized work you can’t do yourself related to components of your art (e.g. welding, PCB manufacturing, mechanical engineering, etc.). This will also be decided on a case by case basis and depending on the quantity, as we are not particularly keen on art that is mostly created through external services.
  • Any expense related to your labor and time (salary, artist fees, etc.), which you are gifting freely to all the other participants.
  • Your ticket to enter the event. Everyone buys a ticket, including the organizers, and so should you.
  • Alchoolic drinks and pharmaceutical products.
  • Items that have a high re-sell value or that can be used for a long time for other purposes after the event. This includes power tools, cameras, laptops, DJ or sound system equipment, etc… we can make exceptions and fund this kind of material when it will be modified and included into your art piece in a way that makes it hard or impossible to sell back later. We will evaluate this on a case by case basis.
  • Your own food and water. you should be self-reliant, like all the other participants in the event. You are of course welcome to join other particpants in a barrio (theme camp) to share resources.

Who must register?

  • Grant Applicants: Any artist or performer who is applying for a grant must register their art. The registration form is also the grant application form.
  • Art Cars: Anyone bringing an art car must register in order for the vehicle to receive a permit to drive around the Nowhere site. Learn more about requirements for Art Cars.
For all other artists and performers, it is not required, however we strongly encourage you to register.
Registering will give you many advantages:
  • If you have an installation or have a particular location planned for your workshop/performance, your art will be placed on the official map.
  • If you offer a performance or workshop at a certain time, you will be included in the What? Where? When? Guide.
  • If your project needs power, we can hook up registered projects to our electrical grid.
  • If you need tools, registered projects also get access to Kunsthaus, Nowhere’s tool repository for artists (handy if you’ve forgotten your screwdriver, but don’t fancy an 80km trek to get one).