Getting ready for Nowhere !!

Last few days before Nowhere !

Nowhere 2024 is only few days away and we know you’re getting ready and exited to join us !

Don’t forget to check the survival guide !

2024 Map is here !!

Greetings and salutations to our beloved Nowhere community!

Team City Planning is thrilled to share the co-created map with you. Curious about what’s on the playa this year? Want to know which camps have which vibes? Need to find your way around? Get lost in the wild, but always know where things are!

Check out this year’s shenanigans on the map. It will be displayed at the gate and No-Info.

Still not sure how to get to the party ??

Bus tickets are online !

There is :

Price for one ticket is 43.5€

If you want to ensure that buses will always be available in future Nowhere please join us by becoming our Bus Lead! You can learn more here.

Want to share a ride ?

Check out the discord, we have a channel for that with all the information you need !


After our call out during the last month or so, so many of you lovely nobodies stepped up to help out during build that we have filled almost every role before the event! BUT we still need some nobodies to sign up to event-time shifts. You can see the shifts we need below

🦸Call for Nomads – Night and Weekend Shifts!

Nomads (Nowhere’s Rangers) are friendly, knowledgeable folks who spend their shift roaming the site to give out information and help with minor issues. They are the “eyes on the ground” and liaise between the community and Nowhere operations. They may be called upon to help in the event of an emergency. No experience is necessary, as training will be provided, and returning Nomads are of course very welcome!

Sign up for FIST at or email if you have any questions.

👷Build and Strike Volunteers Needed !

Wanna build up our magical town? We need volunteers to pound rebar, place signs, and hang tape all over the site. You’ll be driving around site, working with our electric hammer, making the city look like a vaguely well-organized fortress.

Email and they will make sure you have all the info you need!

The Web Team is also happy to have the barrios’ page in the new format !

>Check it out !<