Roles to be filled

LNT Barrio Liaison | LEAD x2

Year round


This volunteer role is a super easy way to get involved if you’re passionate about helping make sure we Leave No Trace at Nowhere! The Barrio Liaison Lead (ideally 2 x humans)  supports Barrios to Leave No Trace through information and tips and tricks about how to run LNT at their Barrio. 

All humans who volunteer as Barrio LNT Lead receive a guide and other material to support them in their task.

We invite all Barrio LNT Leads for an on-line information meeting pre-event. In this meeting we share tips and lessons learned that the LNT department has acquired over the years.

As Barrio Liasion Lead, you will organise the Barrio LNT leads information meeting, making it a fun meeting using the LNT Barrio Guide and documentation already available as your guidance. You will also provide support to any Barrio LNT Leads with answers to their questions!

Tasks and time commitment

This role requires your time starting pre-event in May/June. The expected time commitment pre-event in May/June is expected to be total of 10 to 15 hours.

During the event there are no duties.

Post event time commitment for evaluation and improvement is a few hours up to what you want to put into it and together help and improve Nowhere.

Here are some of the tasks you’ll be getting involved in;

Pre Event May-June:

  • Edit the Barrio LNT Guide
  • Collect the Barrio LNT Lead’s contact details: get in touch with the Barrio Department
  • Run a pre-event online information session with Barrio LNT Leads.
  • Send Barrio LNT Guide + Additional documentation to Barrio LNT Leads 
  • Communicate relevant news to Barrio LNT Leads when needed.
  • Answer emails addressed to Barrio Liaison Lead
  • Participate in any on-line meeting relevant to your role.


  • Optional: During Set Up, visit Barrios and support Barrio LNT Leads while making sure the LNT bins are properly set up
  • Participate in LNT Team infamous Champagne party.

Post Event August-December

  • Get in touch with Barrio Checkout/ LNT Strike Lead for evaluation.
  • Send a Feedback questionnaire to Barrio LNT Leads to assess success.
  • Feedback in all leads post Nowhere Report
  • Participate in any all-lead meetings for debriefing when asked (including ALM, its fun)
  • Advise Meta Lead of any budget requirements for next year.


Interest or questions? Mail to and we will contact you and try to setup a short online (max. 30 min.) meeting preferably within 7 days.

This meeting is for getting to know each other, tell a bit about the LNT department; what it does, how it’s organised and answer any questions. 

Give all the information needed for someone to decide if they want to be a member of the LNT team.

Which department does this role belong to

Leave No Traces (LNT)

Responsible to

LNT Meta Lead


Contact and instruct barrios on LNT

Required Skills

  • Enthusiasm
  • Communication skills
  • Speak English
  • Experience of volunteering at Nowhere or a similar event
  • Love for Hippies
  • Able to commit to a year-round role.

Bonus skills

  • Enthusiasm for interacting with humans.
  • Interest in teaching and transmitting information.